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ESPN underrates Jimmy Butler… as expected

ESPN came out with its top 100 players in the NBA list and the Miami Heat’s prized addition, Jimmy Butler, was listed at 21.

Of course.

After Sports Illustrated had him 11th.

For context, Butler is lower than Donovan Mitchell (20), Kemba Walker (17), Ben Simmons (15), Rudy Gobert (14) and CJ McCollum (13). In my humble opinion, Jimmy Butler is an all around better player than all of the players previously listed. However, it is not a surprise to me that Jimmy Butler was ranked lower than less talented players. If you’re asking why, well, the answer is simple: Jimmy Butler plays for the Miami Heat.

Yeah, this guy….

The national media hates the Heat, and has ever since LeBron James said he was taking his talents to South Beach. Sports media made Pat Riley and the Heatles the villain of the NBA because they believed they cheated the system. But why the hate now? Well, this is because the Heat just got Jimmy Butler– with absolutely no cap space. So, after the national media ranted and raved about cap space, flexibility and max slots, Pat Riley got his man without it. In the national media’s eyes, Pat Riley and the Heat cheated the system again. Therefore, the hate returns.

However, hate isn’t always a bad thing; the Heat, along with their loyal fans, are used to being the villain. In fact, Heat fans eat it up. There is something deep inside each and every Heat fan known as “The Cocky Heat Fan”, of which has been dormant for awhile. Now that Jimmy Butler is here, The Cocky Heat Fan has awoken from its long slumber. So bring on the Miami Heat hate, ESPN and national media…

We Heat fans thrive on it.

Also welcome back Cocky Heat fans, I missed you.

Le Batard Shows World Wide Leader is Just a Follower

On Thursday ESPN radio host and outspoken personality Dan Le Batard took a stand.

Le Batard said what was on his mind.

And in a lot of our hearts.

The Miami based Le Batard lashed into his employer ESPN and their “no politics” policy, calling it “weak and cowardly”.


It all began after a Donald Trump rally where the embattled president’s supporters chanted “send her back” when Trump was speaking about Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, a Somalian refugee.

Omar and her family, like thousands before them, escaped a war torn country in hopes of finding a better future in America.

You know, that American Dream thing.

Whether you agree with Omar and her political view is an issue for another time.

Le Batard is the son of Cuban immigrants and has throughout his career made waves covering the uncomfortable subjects.

Taking a stand isn’t easy in Bristol, Connecticut – the home of ESPN.

Just ask Jemele Hill.

Some might say the role of a journalist is to be impartial, to not take stances.

Isn’t it a job of a journalist to uncover the truth?

To cite injustice, call out rhetoric.

Sports and politics have found ways throughout history to intersect and force change.

From Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, to John Carlos and Tommie Smith in the 1968 Olympics.

Sometimes a worldwide stage is needed to get attention on what really matters.

ESPN uses their “no politics” policy to distance themselves.

Which is exactly what they are doing to their audience.

“Stick to sports” is a popular position to take when things aren’t so black and white.

But it shouldn’t be when things are.