Dwyane Wade continues to add onto his HOF L3GACY! 

Athlete. Father. Social Activist. Fashion Icon. Champion. Author. Documentarian. Rapper? 

Flash leads the Miami Heat in several categories: Field goals, points, games played, minutes played, free throws, and now BARS!

This weekend, Wade County will honor the historic career of Miami’s greatest athlete, with a 3-day celebration centered around his much-deserved jersey retirement. To kick-off the festivities, Wade and UD linked up with fellow local legend and hip-hop icon, Rick Ross, to shock the world with a new single titled “Season Ticket Holder.” 

The Port of Miami rapper has built a strong relationship with Dwyane and Udonis over the years. In fact, you can often spot him sitting courtside at the AAA (is it still called that?) wearing a custom pair of Li-Nings and dapping up players as he walks towards the Hyde Lounge for refreshments. So, it’s no surprise that Ricky Rozay would find a way to get involved in what will be, one of the most fun and nostalgic weekends in HEAT history. Make no mistake, Rick Ross does the heavy lifting on this track, whereas D.Wade is more of a featured guest. But just like they alluded in the teaser video released earlier this week, this is for Miami, for the culture, for the fans, and for fun. 

So let’s take a minute to breakdown how Flash holds up in what will now be regarded as the theme song for Wade’s L3GACY weekend! 

Intro … Right off the bat, Udonis sounds like he belongs in the booth, whereas Dwyane’s voice… catches you off guard a bit. They shout out their history together and a nod to the three rings on their fingers before the beat drops.

1st Verse … D.Wade hits us with a strong opening line to get the track started. I’m the son of a saint, still considered sinner reaks of Rick Ross’ finest creative greenery, but credit to Flash for nailing the delivery. He weaves through the 1st verse like it’s a classic pick-n-roll, making nods to his stats, fashion, and overall game. Always bet on your homies, then go buy the casino highlights how uplifting of a teammate Wade was. Much better than Dion Waiter’s selfish bet on yourself and then double-down, style of play. His energy really picks up when he gets to the topic of his wife. It’s almost as if you can hear the smile on his face after he mentions her. He then closes out the verse by mentioning his Lamborghini, sneakers, private jets, and money — the basics.

Rick Ross takes over the rest of the track doing what he does best. The lush production hits another level when the hook comes in, sung by Raphel Saadiq. It’s absolutely worth the listen and a cool way to jump-start a memorable weekend for the Miami Heat fans and franchise. Make sure you stick around till the end and catch D. Wade and UD once again resurfacing for the outro to remind us of how hard they worked for 16 seasons.

Three Championship banners in the rafters, three rings on their fingers, and one new single to go with it.

Miami Heat: Trae Young too much for Miami in Heat loss

It was a tough first game back for the Miami Heat following the All Star break. Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks were able to defeat the Heat by a 129-124 score.

This was a classic trap game for the Miami Heat. It had all of the signs of a trap game: The first game back from the All-Star break against a Hawks team that has had their struggles this season. Ordinarily, this game would be no problem.

For a Miami Heat team that was looking to set the tone following the break, it was the Atlanta Hawks who made their presence known. Young showed exactly why he is one of the game’s top players. He didn’t have the most efficient night, but he was able to make things happen when he had the basketball in his hands.  He single-handedly led the Hawks to victory.

Miami Heat had trouble containing Young

Young was a pest all night. In 40 minutes of play, he scored 50 points. He was inefficient from the field, going 12-of-25. He made his money both from behind the arc and at the free-throw line. Young shot eight-of-15 from beyond the arc and 18-of-19 at the free-throw line. Getting to the line was his most effective way of scoring.

He showed on Thursday what a multi-faceted scorer he is. This was frustrating to watch for Miami fans. The amount of times he got to the line was noticeable. Even still, he was able to lead the Hawks to victory in multiple ways. It seemed like any time he got a little space or was able to get some room to move, he made something happen with the basketball. At the end of the day, Miami had no answer for him defensively. It seemed like he just would not go away.

This was the first 50-point game of  Young’s career. Perhaps the most scary part of the loss on Thursday was the realization that he is only 21 years old. He is only going to get better from here on out.

Next up for Miami is the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday at 8:00 PM. They need to rebound and get back on track to keep pace with the rest of the Eastern Conference.

Airplane Turbulence: Derrick Jones Jr. Dunk Contest Debate Rages

He promised all 50s, no matter how many it took.

And while Derrick Jones Jr. didn’t deliver that, he did give the Heat their first Slam Dunk championship since Harold Minor in 1995, beating Aaron Gordon in the final round.



Even so, it’s clear many don’t want to give him the proper respect.

Including Gordon.

Nearly 24 hours after the completion of the contest, the dunk contest — and Jones Jr’s win — was still a top trending topic on Twitter, with many pointing to former teammate Dwyane Wade’s ruling as a judge as the reason Jones reigned. And many are saying Gordon nearly taking off the head of Celtics 7-foot-6 center Tacko Fall warranted more than a 47 out of 50. Wade gave Gordon a 9 for it.

Still, Jones Jr. isn’t giving the trophy back, or giving an inch.

Here are some of the tweets that tell the story:

Whatever the NBA world thinks, Miami won 2 of the 3 titles on All-Star Saturday night, with Jones’ buddy Bam Adebayo capturing the Skills Competition.

As we’ve said, it’s safe to hate the Heat again.

They appear to enjoy it….

Still, the Magic fans who can’t jump over a coach’s resignation letter are sending slander to Jones on social media, calling him a “fraud” and a “bum.”

Maybe this is the reason for that…

Bam Adebayo’s Breakout Weekend Continues with Skills Win

He’s not our big little secret anymore.

Bam Adebayo, the subject of a glowing profile by ESPN’s Zach Lowe this week, has been one of the breakout stars of All-Star weekend, as media members gravitate toward his story and his sunny personality.

And now, he’s about to become even more well known.’

Adebayo was the underdog (as much as +1200) among eight participants in the Skills Challenge — because many bettors aren’t familiar with his unusual versatility. But really, the only question was whether he could make the three-pointer at the end. The dribbling? The layup? The passing? Those are easy for him.

Well, now the world knows how gifted he is.

Adebayo beat Brooklyn’s Spencer Dinwiddie, Toronto’s Pascal Siakam and Indiana’s Domantas Sabonis, converting all 3 of the passes on the first try, which gave him a sprinter’s start into the final leg. And yes, he made 3-of-6 three-pointers.

Highlights from a remarkable performance…

First, Dinwiddie…

Next, Siakam…

Finally, Sabonis…

Then he let the world know how happy he was, and how wrong they were…

With a smile, of course…

Remember that bet where Jimmy Butler has to give Bam money for threes made?…


Jimmy Butler takes his new Heat culture to Chicago

The media were waiting for Jimmy Butler in Chicago.

Butler, after all, make his name here — rising from 30th overall pick to Most Improved Player, All-Star, and maximum salary candidate player, even though he would have to go elsewhere to get that last reward.

Now Butler is back, as a member of the Miami Heat and of team Giannis in the 2020 All-Star Game.

He was a few minutes late getting to the podium Saturday for his scheduled availability but, once he did, he did not disappoint.

Here are a few of Butler’s more illuminating and/or amusing thoughts on his transition to the Heat and more.

First, the arrival….

Next, the deep thoughts on the changes to the All-Star Game.

He’s been, um, racking his brain about this one…

Then, on the Heat’s plan after the break…

His assimilation to the Miami culture…

What he has learned about Miami Heat president Pat Riley…

More on the Heat as they chase a home court seed…

How he feels about being a villain….

More praise for his All-Star and Heat teammate, Bam Adebayo…

And of course, the continued taunting of Philadelphia 76er fans..

Chris Bosh NOT a finalist for Hall of Fame

This felt like a given.

Chris Bosh made 11 All-Star teams.

He won two championships.

He represented the game well.

He basically invented — or at minimum, perfected — photo bombing.

He was Tall Justise.

And he would have done more if not for his career ending prematurely due to multiple bouts with blood clots, blood clots that resurfaced during this weekend four years ago in Toronto.

But Bosh was always disrespected during his career, and it continued again Friday in Chicago, when he was not named a finalist for the Hall of Fame. Eight others were, including three obviously deserving players — the late Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.

Bosh was not in the same stratosphere as Bryant, Garnett and Duncan, all of whom won MVPs as well as championships. But he has better credentials than some who have been inducted on the first try — or at the very least, been finalists. But the Hall did change some rules, limiting some international and female candidates to put a spotlight on the superstars of this class. And no player other than the three above were named finalists.

Bosh figures to get in eventually, as Alonzo Mourning, whose career was also short-circuited by an ailment, did. That is more than we can say about Tim Hardaway, who was a finalist a couple of times but now seems forever on the back burner.

Still, Heat fans aren’t taking it well.

And South Florida sports fans already have a persecution complex because Zach Thomas should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame already… and isn’t.

Miami Heat: Tyler Herro, after scare, expects to return soon

The Miami  Heat rookie could be on his way back relatively soon.

As All-Star Weekend is set to begin, we are finally getting an update on the injury status of Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro. The rookie will have his boot coming off his leg on Wednesday. He was initially told that he could be out until the playoffs. The injury in question is an ankle injury, not a foot injury.

The Kentucky product is having a great season. He is averaging 13.1 points per contest in just over 27 minutes of play. He is also proving to be a marksman from the field, shooting 41.4%.  He has not seen action since February 3 against the Philadelphia 76ers. In that contest, he scored two points in 10 minutes on the floor.

He gave more of an update on his injury when he spoke to the media Friday.

Miami Heat: Recap From Pat Riley Media Conference Call

Miami Heat President Pat Riley held a conference call Friday with local media. 

Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports was on the call, here are some of his takeaways along with others from local outlets.


Riley spoke about Andre Iguodala and the organization’s reset:




On Waiters, JJ, and Winslow:


Riley about the one that got away (for now).


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Miami Heat: Tracking the biggest news from NBA trade deadline

The Miami Heat enter Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline in an interesting position. They have already made moves for a veteran in Andre Iguodala at the time this was written. It will be interesting to see how they handle the rest of the deadline. Many teams have made moves in an effort to get better, and the Miami Heat can certainly be included in the bunch.

Here are some of the best tweets from what has been a busy deadline period.


Miami Heat: Dion Waiters headed to Memphis as deadline nears

The Miami Heat continue to make several moves ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline, and Thursday saw more fireworks. The Heat  traded Dion Waiters to Memphis according to a report from Shams Charania.

Waiters is part of the trade that has seen veteran Andre Iguodala head to Miami.

Waiters had interesting tenure with Miami Heat

Dion Waiters has a complicated tenure in Miami. He came to the team in the 2016-17 season. He had a tremendous first year in Miami, playing in 43 games and averaging 15.8 points. 2017-18 saw him play in 30 games, starting all of them. He averaged 14.3 points of that year. Although there was a bit of a downturn in production in terms of points, he still remained a solid player for Miami. He provided them that secondary scoring option.

This season in particular had been filled with off-the-court issues. The issues, combined with the emergence of young stars, has led to minimal playing time. Waiters is in the third-year of a four-year $52 million contract. He is set to be paid 12.6 million next season. He will then become an unrestricted free agent in 2021.

His best game for Miami this season came on January 24 against the Los Angeles Clippers. He went five-of-12 from the field and four-of-nine from beyond the arc. Scoring 14 points in total, that would be his highest output of the season to this point.

We are now beginning to see more pieces of Wednesday night’s trade come to fruition. The Miami Heat have been linked to several other names as the deadline approaches. It will be interesting to see who they pull the trigger on. One thing is clear: Pat Riley truly believes that this team can be a contender.

These moves should help Miami stay in the thick of what is an extremely crowded Eastern Conference.