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Goldie’s Best Bets: Rams will be Champions

All the twists and turns of a wild NFL season have led us here: Super Bowl 56. Just like the NFL, Uncle Jeff and I have also endured our own set of twists and turns in picking games this season. After many ups and downs in a very hectic season, again I find myself completely level versus the spread. One game to go, for all the marbles and for a positive record! Win or lose, I appreciate you all for coming along for the ride… Here.. We.. Go!



All Time Record: 297-149-1          

Vs. Spread: 223-223-1


21-22 Season:  171-94-1               

Vs. Spread: 134-134-1


Conference Championship Record: 1-1          

Vs. Spread: 1-1


Guarantee Record: 17-15

Upset Record: 18-13              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 36-19              

21-22 Season: 20-18       

Final 2020: 16-1


Super Bowl 56

Cincinnati Bengals (13-7) vs. Los Angeles Rams (15-5)

Vegas Picks: LAR -4

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 30-24

We couldn’t have asked for a more likable Super Bowl matchup. On one end you have a true Cinderella story with the Bengals making it to their first Super Bowl since ‘88, and on the other end you have veteran QB Matt Stafford who is making his first Super Bowl appearance in the midst of a tough 13 year career (thanks, Detroit). Hard to root against either team in this one. Before the season, FPI only ranked the Bengals above three teams in their odds to win the Super Bowl at +10000, or 100 to 1. Now Joe Cool has the chance to lead the Bengals to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history, and he also has the opportunity to be the first QB ever to win the Heisman, a Collegiate National Championship and the Super Bowl. This, in just his second season. Unbelievable! However, what stands in his way is his toughest test yet. The Rams went all in on a Super Bowl this season, and they absolutely have the roster to back it up. The Rams had one of the most complete rosters in football to begin the season, and additions such as Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. have only made them stronger. Aaron Donald and that fierce Rams pass rush should have Burrow on the run (or on the ground) a lot, and unlike Tennessee, LA has a high powered offense to go along with their rock-solid defense. Burrow and the Bengals have already way outperformed expectations this season, and they’ll be competitive for years to come, but Jeffy and I agree that this is Matthew Stafford’s time. Stafford has been waiting a long 12 year career for this moment. He beat the Goat. He finally got the Rams over the 49ers hump. And now it’s time for Matt Stafford to finally get that elusive Super Bowl win. The Rams win their first Super Bowl since 1999 with a win over the Bengals! 




Goldie’s Conference Championship Best Bets: Mahomes Again


All Time Record: 296-148-1          

Vs. Spread: 222-222-1


21-22 Season:  170-93-1               

Vs. Spread: 133-133-1


Divisional Record: 1-3          

Vs. Spread: 1-3


Guarantee Record: 17-15

Upset Record: 18-13              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 36-18              

21-22 Season: 20-17       

Final 2020: 16-1


After almost two full seasons of picking games with C.U.J., I find myself 100% even against the spread. Same can be said about the Divisional Rounds as well, even. Because that’s what the games were, even. With each game ending with a walk-off, that was the most exciting Divisional Round maybe ever. Speaking of even… I was 13 seconds away from nailing the Bills Upset and ending the Divisional Round even on the week, but Patty Mahomes had other plans and I’ll have to settle for 1-3. Nonetheless, we charge onto Championship Sunday full steam ahead! All gas, no brakes!


AFC Championship Game

Cincinnati Bengals (12-7) @ Kansas City Chiefs (14-5)

Vegas Line: KC -7

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 35-31

Yes, the Chiefs just put on one of the greatest postseason performances in NFL history. Yes, the Chiefs (on paper) are the better team in this matchup. Yes, the Chiefs will be at home with the game being played at Arrowhead. HOWEVER, a full TD point spread is straight up disrespectful to a Bengals team that deserves to be here. Joe Burrow is playing at an MVP level, and the Bengals have proven they can hang with the league’s top teams. In fact, these Bengals already beat the Chiefs this season in their week 17 matchup in Cincy. Fully expecting another shootout in this one, as neither team is really known for their defense. Banged up Chiefs D should have a hard time stopping the high-powered offensive attack of the Bengals. That being said, I trust the experience of Mahomes and Andy Reid in this moment to put them over the top. Expect Burrow and the Bengals to keep this one close until the end, but pick KC to get the win at home and advance to their third straight Super Bowl. 


P.S. Jeffy says buy the half point and take the Chiefs at -6.5


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: LAR -3.5

NFC Championship Game

San Francisco 49ers (12-7) @ Los Angeles Rams (14-5)

Vegas Line: LAR -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 26-21

The Rams had a chance to eliminate the Niners from playoff contention before the playoffs even started. The Rams failed at that, and now they see each other again with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. The Rams have the better quarterback, wide receivers, defensive line, and secondary in this matchup. Yet for some unknown reason, they can’t seem to beat the Niners. San Fran is currently on a 6-0 run against their division rivals, and many around the league believe the 49ers are in the Rams head. Jeffy and I take the opposite school of thought when approaching this game. The Rams are just too good for that unlikely streak to continue. Also, it’s Matt Stafford’s time. I can’t see Matt Stafford go from beating the greatest quarterback ever, just to lose to Jimmy Garrapolo the following week. Sean McVay and the Rams finally rid themselves of the awful 49ers curse, and get a chance to be the second team in history to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium!