Pat Riley Knows Tyler Herro Isn’t Going Anywhere

“He just turned 20. My gosh.”

That’s what Pat Riley had to say about Tyler Herro in his press conference on Friday afternoon.

There still seems to be some discussion if Tyler Herro is indeed untouchable. Obviously he is above most of the trades that have been discussed in the past, such as Jrue Holiday or Victor Oladipo, but what if an even bigger name gets thrown Pat Riley’s way?

Something that stood out to me about what Pat Riley said when discussing Tyler Herro over other players was that he raved about his future. He even said, “He will go to another level when he gets older.” And if Pat Riley is saying that about a cheap and productive 20 year old rookie, I can guarantee he’ not going anywhere.

Bradley Beal is the name that continually seems to get thrown into the mix when asking if Tyler would still be considered untouchable.

For starters, Bradley Beal is not going anywhere, since he seems like he wants to stay in Washington, at least for now. But if he does end up forcing his way out of Washington in the near future for some reason, I believe it’ll be too late, since Tyler will officially be off of the table.

Something else that stood out when he talked about Tyler Herro was the fact that he loved the mentorship he got from the veterans on the team. He said, “All these veterans took him under their wing because they saw something special in him.”

And Pat Riley does not give up special players. He gives up assets.

The two things that stood out the most to me from what Pat Riley said was his talk about Tyler Herro and “The Next Thing.”

Those two things don’t always need to be connected, because ultimately they are not.

The next thing can be acquired pretty easy without Tyler Herro, since there are plenty of options in both this free agency and 2021 free agency.

Pat Riley and this Heat organization know, Tyler Herro isn’t going anywhere.



#BugBrady: Taking Your Miami Heat Questions #3

Well, it’s still not out of the question that he resigns with Miami. For one, Miami is in search for a big to play with Bam Adebayo or play behind him. And if they don’t sign one of their ideal big man options, Meyers might be a smart resigning.

I actually believe that it would make sense for Meyers to make a return back to Portland, if Miami chooses not to resign him. The city loves him, his teammates loved him, and of course there’s an opening as well.

Hassan Whiteside is entering free agency, and Portland seems to have their starting Center in Jusef Nurkic. This means that Portland will be searching for a back-up big as well, and an old friend may be on the market.

Obviously Miami would love to bring him back due to the leadership he brought to this team, but the question will be if he would rather a much bigger role.

I feel that Miami and Portland may be his two main options.

The easy answer would probably be to try and improve the fundamentals on the defensive side of the ball. It’s pretty obvious that Tyler Herro’s offensive package is pretty solid already, since he has the jumper, the ability to attack, and a nice handle.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of ball-handling improvements that will be made throughout this off-season, especially if he takes the role of starting point guard. He has a great vision for the game, so the passing side of things isn’t an issue.

Another thing I see him improving is his body. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back with even more strength by gaining some muscle, since that ultimately can help on the defensive side of the ball alone.

Well, in my opinion, I feel like Miami would be letting Derrick Jones Jr walk even if they didn’t have KZ Okpala.

But yes, I do feel this makes it pretty certain that DJJ will be gone. KZ already has a skill-set to replicate what DJJ did this season, and obviously much cheaper. We haven’t really been able to see what KZ has to offer right now, but due to the fact that Miami was so high on him upon drafting, and also giving him a full year to develop, I’d say it’s a good replacement.

It makes it even more clear that they will let DJJ walk since he wasn’t even apart of Miami’s rotation upon injuries in the playoffs. Miami felt more comfortable putting in Soloman Hill than Derrick Jones Jr, which further proves they don’t feel the need to give him a good sized contract.

And due to DJJ’s youth, other teams will be looking to sign him since he has a ton of upside. Those teams would probably include the Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, and others.

#BugBrady: Taking Your Miami Heat Questions

This is something new that I will be doing for the Five Reasons Sports Network. This allows us to continue to be more interactive, and answer any questions you may have about the Miami Heat. Your questions are also heard every Thursday night on FloorsYours on the Five Reasons Sports Youtube Channel.

Anyway, here’s today’s questions….

This question definitely seems to vary based on who is answering, but in my opinion yes he is.

Tyler Herro has seemed to be in trade talks all season by Heat fans, but it seems that he’s above most of those deals now. Most of the guys that have been discussed do not display a clear separation between the 20 year old Tyler Herro. Bradley Beal is one that seems to entice Heat fans the most, since he does have clear separation, but is it really worth it?

And once again, my answer is no. Why trade away a key player like Tyler Herro for an all-star, with the highly anticipated 2021 free agency approaching. It seems as if Miami has a real shot at one of the best players in the NBA, in Giannis Antetokounmpo, and can keep their young centerpieces.

In my opinion, this is a no brainer. Tyler Herro is untouchable.

I absolutely agree. I discussed Christian Wood in an earlier piece, since I truly think he’s the perfect fit next to Bam Adebayo.

For starters, many believe that since he’s an evolving young player, he will be searching for a 3 year deal instead of a 1 year deal, but I’m not exactly sure that’s the case. He seems to be pretty adamant that he wants to win, which ultimately raises young player’s stock. Guys like Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns don’t get as much recognition as they should, since ultimately they never have the ability to play on the big stage. A guy like Paschal Siakam had a great championship run with Toronto and ultimately proved his worth. That’s just the way it goes.

But to the actual fit itself, I think Bam and Wood could not only be a great front-court for the future, but also for this upcoming season. Christian Wood proved this season that he has a respectable three ball, and can be an absolute havoc around the rim due to his length. His motor actually seems a lot like that of Bam’s, which is why it’d be so interesting to see this big man duo.

Christian Wood to Miami seems like a pretty ideal fit for both parties.

Many may disagree, but I really don’t think I would. Obviously James Harden’s abilities to score the basketball are second to none, but is that what this team needs right now? This team just turned the corner on a new era for Miami Heat basketball, which has fully represented culture and team chemistry. They have a group of guys who truthfully enjoy playing and being around one another, and they got to the NBA Finals doing just that.

I’m not saying that a big three of James Harden, Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo would not make some major noise, but they’ve gotten this far building this team exactly how they wanted, so why take a chance and revert back.

Tyler Herro seemed more comfortable in the post-season at 20 years old, than James Harden did in year 11.

And once again, they can keep both Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro, and grab an even better player in 2021 free agency. That seems to be the route they’re leaning towards. And if they don’t land Giannis, then you think about making the huge move.

Top 5 Moments from the Miami Heat’s Playoff Run

This Miami Heat playoff run was filled with historical performances and plays in some of the biggest games. Here are the five best moments from this stretch…

Number 5:

Bam Adebayo’s 32/14/5 in the Closeout Game Over Boston

The Miami Heat were up 3-2 in the series against the Boston Celtics, and had to play an intense game six. Many proclaimed this game as a must win for Miami, which seems ridiculous due to the amount of talent on this roster. But when Miami needed a big game, Bam Adebayo showed up big. His stat-line in this closeout win is clearly impressive, putting up 32 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 assists, but that doesn’t even explain what he did. He took over down the stretch of that game, proving that he can be the best player on the floor when he wants to be. A huge And-1 late in the fourth quarter gave Miami a huge boost to send them to the finals, which was an outstanding performance from Bam.

Number 4:

Jimmy Butler Game Winning Free Throws Over Milwaukee

The Miami Heat faced off against the Milwaukee Bucks in game two of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, which was a wild finish. The game was tied with four seconds left, and Jimmy Butler got fouled on a baseline jump-shot with zero seconds on the clock. And who better to put on the line than the cool, calm, and collected Jimmy Butler, which led to him sinking both of them to go up 2-0. Not only was this an amazing play for Jimmy Butler, it was an insane finish from a viewers perspective. This was a huge moment in the series, which led to Miami winning in five.

Number 3:

Tyler Herro’s 37 Point Game Against Boston

This absolutely amazing game from Tyler Herro was impressive for a couple of reasons. For one, he’s 20 years old taking over a game completely, that involves Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum. Nobody could stop or match Tyler Herro’s offensive play, especially since he was doing it from everywhere on the floor. Another reason it was so impressive was that he did it so efficiently. He shot 14 for 21 from the field and 5 for 10 from three. It’s not everyday that a rookie scores 37 points in an Eastern Conference Finals game, which is why it’s the third best play of the postseason.

Number 2:

Jimmy Butler’s 40 Point Triple-Double in Finals

This game was just a clear representation of who Jimmy Butler is. A winner. He showed that he can play a certain way throughout the entire season, but turn it on when need be. For starters, scoring 40 points along with 11 rebounds and 13 assists in a finals game is absolutely insane. But what made it more special was that he did it without his co-pilots, in Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic. He also had to do it against two of the five best players in the world. This was a perfect example of putting a team on your back to try and get a win. This game also gave Jimmy Butler the respect from national people that everyone else has known for a while now.

Number 1:

Bam Adebayo’s Game Saving Block On Jayson Tatum

And no surprise here, one of greatest defensive plays in Miami Heat postseason history, which there’s a debate it could be number one. Just to focus on the play itself, a block to win a game is outstanding in itself. But doing it on a dunk attempt, which you use your off hand is on another level. And then to think of the stage that it’s on. Not many people have the ability to make that type of play physically, but Bam Adebayo is just a freak of nature. This block gave Miami a 1-0 lead in the series, and also gave Bam the notoriety that is much deserved. Some even began to talk about Bam as a rim protector, but clearly he is much more than that. This play is clearly the number one play of Miami’s hisorical playoff run.

A Journey through the NBA Bubble: A Miami Heat Playoff Run

There were a lot of question marks next to the July 30th NBA return date for multiple reasons. For one, Covid-19 is effecting lives each and every day, so players had to make a decision to pack it up and leave their families. It also felt like basketball wasn’t important at the moment, due to the social injustice that were going on in our country. And lastly, players didn’t know how safe or realistic a bubble situation really was.

There were even more question marks next to this Miami Heat team heading in. Nobody really turning their heads towards this team or giving them any credit. But that’s exactly how they wanted it.

In mid-July, this Heat team was preparing to take that 3-hour bus ride all the way up to Orlando. Only one problem. Miami was facing their own Covid issues.

Bam Adebayo and Kendrick Nunn tested positive for the Corona virus, which put even more unknown on this team. Not only about the timeline of these guys, but how the virus could affect them going forward.

They did indeed battle through, arriving to the bubble late, but just in time for the first game of their 8 regular season games.

Erik Spoelstra’s rotation decision was then put on blast in the first game of the season. He decided to take Meyers Leonard out of the rotation, even though that starting lineup was the most effective lineup in the entire NBA.

Miami ended up going 3-5 through those eight regular season games, ultimately dropping them down to the 5 spot in the East, to play the Indiana Pacers in the first round.

Many were picking the Indiana Pacers to beat Miami for a bunch of reasons. TJ Warren was just coming off an outstanding run through his first eight games, looking like he can’t be stopped. But that was before he had Jimmy Butler matched up with him.

Goran Dragic took the reigns of this Heat offense, scoring 23 points a game in the first round against Indiana, leading Miami to a 4-0 sweep against the four seed.

But then it was time to move on to play the best team in the NBA with MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo. It was clear that Miami had some advantages over this Bucks team, since they matched up with them so well throughout the season.

Miami continued their defensive plan by throwing a bunch of guys at Giannis, and it clearly worked. Jimmy Butler set the tone early in this series with an insane game two finish, after he got fouled with zero seconds on the clock, and hit the game winning free throws. They took a 3-0 lead over the one seed, and then Giannis went down early in game four. Milwaukee battled through to give them a win behind the heroics of Khris Middleton, but Jimmy Butler and company closed it out in five.

Now Miami is on to the Eastern Conference Finals, to play a very young and talented Boston Celtics group. And thus was the emergence of Bam Adebayo. An incredible game one finish, where Bam Adebayo met Jayson Tatum at the rim on a dunk attempt to win the game. He took over the series on both ends of the floor, even though the Bam and Theis match-up was considered a “wash.” He averaged 22 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists a game in the Eastern Conference Finals.

And in the most pivotal game in the series, where Boston could’ve tied it up 2-2, a 20 year old rookie rose up to the occasion. Tyler Herro dropped 37 points in game four, putting this Miami Heat team up 3-1. They closed out the series in game six, getting this Heat team to an NBA finals.

Now they’re on to face a familiar face in LeBron James. Many story-lines were discussed heading into this one, but ultimately there is only one goal. After some tough sequences in game one, the Miami Heat lost both Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic to injury. When that occurred, many said it’s an obvious sweep and there’s no point of tuning in.

And well, think again.

Jimmy Butler knew he had to step up and be the guy that he’s very capable of being. Miami went down 2-0, but never doubt the guy that’s been doubted his whole entire life. Jimmy Butler got Miami a win in game three, putting up a stat line of 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists in one of the best individual performances this league has seen. And that wasn’t the end of that hungry Jimmy Butler.

After Miami went down 3-1, Jimmy scored 35 points, along with 12 rebounds and 11 assists, to send LeBron James and the Lakers a message that they’re not going away without a fight.

Miami ended up losing the finals series in six games, which was a tough way to go out in a historical playoff run.

This run proved a lot of things for this Heat team.

Jimmy Butler is a straight up winner who hasn’t gotten the respect that he absolutely deserves.

Bam Adebayo’s ceiling is just unknown, since he seems to be getting better and better by the day.

Tyler Herro is doing things at 20 years old that many players have only dreamed of doing.

Erik Spoelstra once again proved his coaching excellence.

The players continually talk about the dogs in that locker room, and this run further proved that. The adversity that this group had to face to get to this point is second to none.

But now it’s time to look forward.

As Jimmy Butler said after their game six loss, “Now I need to win them one next year.”

And with the evolving players that he has beside him after getting this playoff experience, there’s a good chance he could win them one next year.



Down 3-1: “It’s Not Like It Has Never Been Done Before”

“It’s not like it has never been done before.” That’s what Bam Adebayo had to say about being down 3-1 in the series against the Los Angeles Lakers.

If there were ever a team that can sustain a confident mindset of winning three straight games, it would definitely be this Heat team.

Jimmy Butler made sure to say that their confidence will stay high over the next few days, saying “I know we can do it.”

The reason that they know they can do it is because the issues that they’ve endured are fairly obvious. They have done a pretty good job defensively, but ultimately open shots will need to be made to beat a team like the Lakers.

It was also clear that the role players had a tough time in game four, especially since the rotation changed once again. Meyers Leonard went back to the role of getting no playing time, while Kendrick Nunn played a rough 25 minutes. When your offensive engine, in Goran Dragic, is not playing, somebody will have to step up and replicate some of the things that he usually does.

“The series is not over.” That is what Tyler Herro had to say about their current situation. Once again, there was a mutual theme between players after the game, which was that they know what they need to fix. And that ultimately falls on everybody on this roster.

Jae Crowder has mentioned many times that they need to take it game by game. And now that they’re focused on just getting a win in game five, it’ll make for an interesting Friday night.

This team led by Jimmy Butler will not just lay down after getting this far. They will battle and compete in game five since it’s just yet another testament of that Heat culture.

Jimmy Butler has thrived in these types of situations, not only in basketball but in life. He’s endured the feeling of being down 3-1 since he was 13. He has been doubted and counted out his whole entire life, and he will get to display some more of that will to win on Friday.

Tyler Herro Isn’t Fazed by the Big Stage

Tyler Herro walks back to the bench after the end of the first quarter in game three, with a chirping LeBron James in his ear. He doesn’t even react to one of the best players to ever play the game, mostly since Jimmy Butler did that for him.

That wasn’t the only instance that he had people trying to get in his head. Late in the first quarter, Tyler attacked the rim on a fast-break with two guys in front of him and a trailing LeBron James. LeBron blocked his shot, and sent Tyler to the floor hard. Markieff Morris decided to stand over him and wait for him to get up, so he could let him know. Tyler Herro decided to push him out of the way to show that he wasn’t backing down.

To put that in perspective, this Lakers team is going at a 20 year old rookie, who is the youngest player to ever start in an NBA finals.

They’re not only going at him mentally, but also physically when on the floor. It seems as if they are more worried about Tyler Herro with the ball in his hands than Jimmy Butler who just scored 40 points.

And Tyler hasn’t even played to the best of his abilities in this Finals series. He is 17 for 48 from the field through the first three games, but still makes the Lakers defense uncomfortable when on the floor.

But ultimately, Tyler is being asked to play a role that he hasn’t played much of all season, on the biggest stage possible. Without Goran Dragic, he is the main ball-handler on the team. Goran was a guy that took a lot of the load off Tyler all season, which he has mentioned a lot in the past about how comfortable he is when he shares the floor with Goran.

This meant that he had to not only adjust quick, but also grow up quick. And he has done exactly that.

He has the most dynamic offensive abilities on this roster, which means he can explode at any moment. Confidence has nothing to do with it since he doesn’t lack an ounce of it, but rhythm seems to be the actual attribute. If he can get his shots to fall early on, this will take a lot of the load off of Jimmy Butler and the rest of the team.

Even when being the main focus for a team in the NBA finals, he still doesn’t shy away. He continues to get the ball at the end of games and attempt big time shots.

As Jimmy Butler said after game three, “I saw him just hoop. This isn’t a big stage for him, this is just basketball.” And well, Tyler will indeed need to go out there and just “hoop,” since that can ultimately win them another game in this series.

5 Takeaways from Heat’s Incredible Game Three Win

The Miami Heat pulled out an incredible win in game three against the Lakers, 115-104. This was behind the incredible performance of Jimmy Butler. Here are five takeaways…

#1: Jimmy Butler plays with fire in first half explosion.

Jimmy Butler came out in game two looking to score, but game three was even better. He had 19 points, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds at the half, but stats cannot explain what Jimmy was doing on the floor. Constant energy and intensity on both sides of the floor, which is contagious for his teammates. He made sure to let everybody know that if they grab rebounds, they can win. That message seemed to be fresh in everyone’s minds since there was an eagerness to be aggressive on the boards. Jimmy’s leadership was also on full display tonight as well. Not only with the ball in his hands, but also his voice after plays. He constantly would let the young guys know when they did something wrong, which is much needed at this point in the finals. Jimmy further proved that he has the ability to flip a switch, not just scoring, but doing everything on the basketball court.

#2: Early turnovers for Lakers turn into Heat offense.

Turnovers for the Lakers were the story of the first quarter, since it seemed they just could not get into a rhythm. The Lakers had 14 turnovers at the half, LeBron James and Anthony Davis combining for 9 of them. Miami’s defensive plan going in was to make these guys uncomfortable, which is exactly what they did. Jimmy Butler, Jae Crowder, and Andre Iguodala were at the forefront of that, utilizing their defensive IQ. This ultimately allowed Jimmy Butler and others to get more possessions on the offensive end, which they were capitalizing on. Anthony Davis had some rough first half minutes due to Miami’s intensity, which was key for this team going into game three down 0-2.

#3: Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro early struggles, still gave Miami a 4 point halftime lead.

Not many would’ve believed that the Heat would lead by four at the half with Tyler Herro shooting 1 for 8 from the field and Duncan Robinson shooting 1 for 5 from deep. But well, it happened. Tyler Herro was going to be a key piece heading in, since he’s a guy that can replicate some things that Goran Dragic brings offensively. Duncan also had a tough time since the shots were not falling. This led to him penetrating and utilizing the other parts of his game, and when Duncan attacks, good things usually happen. These shooting struggles clearly were temporary, since both Tyler and Duncan hit a three to start the third quarter.

#4: Kelly Olynyk and Meyers Leonard give quality minutes in the absence of Bam Adebayo.

Meyers Leonard obviously only played for some short spurts, and they were some quality minutes. 7 points going 3 for 3 from the field definitely was a boost to this team. Also he obviously brings the vocal side of things when on the floor, which makes the young guys more comfortable on the defensive end. Kelly Olynyk on the other hand didn’t have a great start to the game, but bounced back in the third quarter. His ability to be such a threat from beyond the arc was crucial for Miami tonight, especially since it forces the Lakers bigs to go out to the perimeter. This was a big reason Jimmy Butler was able to attack so well, since he thrives when he plays with a floor spacer like Kelly.

#5: The Miami Heat’s statement game fully displayed Heat culture.

This is the ultimate takeaway: A statement game. That’s exactly what this Jimmy Butler led team did in game three. When everyone doubted, this team didn’t lack an ounce of confidence. That’s because of two words: Heat culture. This was the ultimate representation of this. A coaching adjustment when two of your starters get injured, your star player showing he can flip the switch, and the role players stepping up to play their new roles. If that doesn’t prove Heat culture, I don’t know what does. This game three win means more than both of the Lakers wins. Now, the momentum has completely shifted. And Bam Adebayo could possibly return in game four. As Jimmy Butler said during the game, “They are in trouble.”

3 Keys for the Miami Heat to Win Game Three

The Miami Heat are currently down 0-2 in the Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. There has been a lot of adjustments that have been made in the rotation, due to the absence of Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo. Although Bam is doubtful to play in game three, there is still a chance for him to play since he went to shoot-around this morning. Either way, here are some keys for game three…

#1: Miami must capitalize on their strength, which is three-point shooting.

This one seems fairly obvious, but since they haven’t shot the ball well from deep in the first two games of the series, it’s even more important now. If Miami wants to win in game three, they have to continue to shoot the ball without hesitation. Even if the shooting becomes problematic again, they must continue to get shots up since there’s no need to get away from their game. Obviously missing Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo has hurt it a bit, since Bam’s ability to work dribble hand-offs with his elite screen setting is very essential. Goran also helps shooters get going, since his ability to attack opens up the game for others. But either way, there’s no excuses to not shoot the ball well. They have more than enough guys who are capable of getting hot, and if they go cold once again, it’ll be a hard game to win.

#2: Although Miami can’t match the Lakers length, they must bring physicality.

As mentioned, Miami clearly can’t compete with the Lakers plethora of bigs, especially Anthony Davis. But what they can do is bring physicality to make Anthony Davis and others uncomfortable. This needs to happen if Bam Adebayo is playing or not. A perfect example is the first half of game one. Although they weren’t completely stopping those guys, they were making them work. If you don’t put a body on a roaming Anthony Davis when playing zone defense, it’ll be a long game for Miami. Also, I’d say that Miami will go to man a little bit more in game three, so they can throw a bunch of different guys at AD, much like they did against Giannis. Obviously you can’t do it to the same extent, since LeBron James is on the floor as well, but the Lakers run on the production of Anthony Davis. If Miami can make him uncomfortable, it’ll give them a shot to win this game.

#3: Miami will need to have one scorer stand out from the rest.

The scoring column in game two was pretty even throughout for Miami, but without Goran and Bam that can’t be the case. They will need to have one guy stand out offensively to put a stamp on game three. This is something that Miami hasn’t done much of, since they rely so heavily on their role players, but that may need to change tonight. There’s still many guys capable of doing so, including Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, or maybe a big game for Duncan Robinson or Kendrick Nunn. If somebody can play the role that Goran has played throughout this playoff run, it’ll open up the game for others. Jimmy Butler tried to do that in game two, but ultimately I feel Tyler Herro will step up in game three.

3 Keys for the Miami Heat to Win Game 2 of NBA Finals

The Miami Heat are currently down in the series, 1-0, against the Los Angeles Lakers. It seemed to get worse and worse for Miami after game one, since Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo are both doubtful for game two. Here’s what must happen for Miami to get a huge win in game two…

#1: Rookie experience turns into rookie production.

It’s not normal for a team to look towards two rookies in the NBA finals to take the offensive load, but that’s exactly what Miami will do. For starters, it’s clear that Tyler Herro doesn’t shy away from big moments, even though he struggled a bit in game one. He even told media, “I don’t think there is much pressure,” which further proves he’s ready for this. Tyler won’t be the only rookie depended on in game two, since Kendrick Nunn will be getting his number called as well. He’s been the big talk around this team recently, since he showed up big in the second half of game one, and will be back in the rotation for Goran Dragic. Kendrick relies solely on confidence, and now he seems as confident as ever heading into tonight’s game. Tyler and Kendrick will need to grow up quick, since they will not be looked at as rookies anymore. Instead, they are the keys to the offense.

#2: The Justice Winslow trade assets show up big with increased minutes.

Miami acquired Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, and Soloman Hill in a trade for Justice Winslow at the trade deadline, and it has clearly payed off. Now, it will need to prove so once again, since they will be getting increased minutes due to Miami’s injuries. Miami will need all of them to show up at their absolute best, Jae Crowder with his shooting, Andre Iguodala with his leadership and impact, and Soloman Hill with his defensive presence. It’s no longer about stars winning them these games. Now, it’s about role players playing to the best of their abilities. This is where the Heat culture will be on display. The grit, scrappiness, and intensity will need to shine in game two, and that will start with Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, and Soloman Hill.

#3: Jimmy Butler takes over the game, doing it for the injured Goran Dragic.

Even though many believe Miami is losing hope in winning this NBA finals, Jimmy Butler “begs to differ.” Even with Goran Dragic out, he told media “He’s carried us to this point. It’s only right we pay that back to him now.” And that’s exactly what he will need to do. He was hunting to score the ball in game one right out of the gate, which is what will be needed again in game two. He’s clearly capable of doing so, but he constantly says when he gets others around him going, it translates to wins. The only difference is that usually when they go through tough stretches, Goran would take initiative to get a bucket and get them out of it. Now that responsibility is on Jimmy Butler. If he plays at peak Jimmy Butler levels, Miami can win this game, and it’ll all be for the injured Goran Dragic.