Guts Check: Top 5 Miami Heat Moments of 2019


Welcome to Guts Check by Greg Sylvander. A weekly Miami Heat column aimed at bringing readers my perspective on all the hot topics surrounding the team. You can expect a regular balance of sourced information, analysis and feeling the Heat down in my soul. In the name of Trusting the Spocess, let’s call these weekly columns position-less.

Since we last touched base:

Won at Philadelphia 108-104

Won vs New York 129-114

Won vs Utah 107-104

Won vs Indiana 113-112

Won in OT vs Philadelphia 117-116

Lost at Washington 123-105 

Record to date: 24-9, 3rd in the Eastern Conference, 4th best record in the league.



Happy New Year!

As 2019 winds down and we turn the page to 2020, this week’s edition of #GutsCheck will be focused on my personal Top 5 Miami Heat moments of 2019.  A stroll down memory lane and reflection upon what has proven to be a significant year for the Miami Heat.

1. Wade’s Final Home Game – April 9th, 2019

    • Heat 122 – 76ers 99

What a way to send Dwyane off! The crowd was emotional, the Heat got a win & all was right in the world.


2. Dwyane Wade’s triple double in his final NBA game – April 10, 2019

    • Nets 113 – Heat 94

Most lovable Heat loss in franchise history. Dwyane Wade said his final good bye in dramatic fashion, ending his career with a triple double (25 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists) – and punctuated it all with an assist to best friend and Heat Lifer Udonis Haslem.

3. Jimmy Butler’s introductory press conference – September 27th, 2019

This press conference was a Heat Culture Classic. This was the day Heat fans fell in love with Jimmy.

 4.  Dwyane Wade’s buzzer beater vs Golden State – February 27th, 2019

The game that produced a half dozen Court Culture Moments T-shirts will forever live near and dear to Heat fan hearts.

5. The final moment that rounds out my Top 5 of 2019 – was exemplified in a single Woj bomb:

Did you really expect it to be any other?

Short and sweet this week folks, make sure to check out recent collaborative column with Brian Goins on the Heat’s new years resolutions that came early.

Wishing all of Heat Nation health and happiness in 2020.

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