Cam Wake

Homecoming for Cam Wake is not as Crazy as you Think

Could a homecoming for Dolphin legend Cam Wake be a possibility?

He was going to retire they said.

They were apparently wrong.


At age 38 Wake would be entering his 12th NFL season after spending last year with Tennessee.

It was a forgettable time in the Volunteer state as Wake would see action in just nine games and compile 2.5 sacks.

Wake played his first 10 years in Miami and quickly established himself as one of the premier pass rushers of his era.

During his time as a Miami Dolphin, Wake was an exemplary professional both on and off the field.


Wake played fewer than 14 games in a season just once in Miami, when he missed nine games after an Achilles injury in 2015.

His ability to get off the edge was elite and even when he lost some burst, Wake was still effective.

In his last season in Miami, 2018 Wake managed just 6.5 sacks, his lowest total since his rookie year.

Wake would see his snap counts dwindle after the 2015 injury, from a career high 82% in his All-Pro 2012 season to just 48% in 2018.

However in a situational basis in 2016 and 2017, Wake was extremely formidable.

In 2016 after returning from the Achilles injury, Wake had 11.5 sacks despite playing in just 51% of the defensive snaps.

Wake would follow that up with 10.5 sacks on a 58% snap count in the 2017 season.

Miami focused heavily on defense in free agency, adding players that could fit their defensive scheme.

They will still need to bolster their defensive line, whether with additional veterans of via the draft.

Signing Wake to a 10-year veteran minimum deal would cost just north of one million dollars.

A price tag that should not raise many eyebrows.

If Wake can give you 20 snaps a game, with even five or six sacks for the season, that would be a good investment.

Not to mention the positive mentorship he offers.

His place among revered Dolphins would likely be well received by both the fans and his teammates.

So why not?

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Image credit Tony Capobianco.

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