Josh Rosen needs a nickname

In my many years as a fan of the Miami Dolphins, there have been moments that had nothing to do with the on-field product that brought about great excitement.

The Dolphins acquiring Keith Jackson, the signing of Jimmy Johnson as Head Coach, the trade for Ricky Williams, Nick Saban coming to town, and yes, the drafting of Ryan Tannehill.  (For a few minutes, at least.) The trade that brought Josh Rosen to Miami, might be right up there with all of them.

There is no denying that Dolphin fans are pinning a lot of their hopes for 2019 and beyond on Josh Rosen, and why not? There is nothing going on to properly evaluate him, even though we engage in this annual ritual of watching players run around in shorts in May every year.  Until he plays in camp, a pre-season game, a regular season game, we have to postpone our evaluation, but we don’t have to postpone our excitement.  With that excitement, has come the nickname the “Hebrew Hammer”, and with it, countless examples of many in our network casually referring to Rosen as such:

As well as some, that have sought to sell T-Shirts with the name emblazoned on it:

Now, this is fun. I am all for fun. But lets be a bit original. “Hebrew Hammer” belongs to others. Yes, Josh Rosen seems to have given himself the nickname. He needs a writer on staff. The nickname not only belongs to others, but is rather common:

The OTHER “Hebrew Hammers”:
Adam Edelman- Israeli Olympic team’s Menn’s Skeleton Racer
Ryan Braun- 6 time MLB All-Star.
Hank Greenberg- Hall of Fame MLB Player.
Gabe Kapler- MLB Player.
Al Rosen- 4 Time MLB All-Star.

and there are others!

So, let’s be a bit original. In fact, our network, has, uh, well, kinda started on this:

Subtle. Effective. No comment.

So, what nickname do I like? I like “Josh Chosen.” Does it suck? Probably, maybe, but it’s original. Have at it in Twitter threads, and in the comments to this item. Let’s name JOSH ROSEN.

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