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Three Yards Per Carry College QB TRACKER

September 17th, 2019 Tua Tagovailoa vs South Carolina Stats:   Justin Herbert vs Montana Stats: Justin Herbert joins Marcus Mariota and Joey Harrington as the only QBs in @oregonfootball history with multiple games with 5 pass TD. pic.twitter.com/kpoqcuhCjl — ESPN College Football (@ESPNCFB) September 8, 2019 Jordan Love vs Stony Brook (Week 3 BYE) Stats: […]

Miami Dolphins Camp Quickie Notes: Day 11

Day 11 – The last practice before they p;ay actual Football. – There is however one last Training Camp practice on Saturday. – Coach Flores is late. – He’s here. – OL knee brace use is encouraged for camp to reduce the possibility of lower extremity injuries- Coach Flores – Everybody will be ready to […]

Miami Dolphins Camp Quickie Notes: Day 10

Day 10 – The team moved up the Coach Flores Availability without me knowing, but they could not defeat my earlier than usual arrivals. Coach Flores would like me. – No time table for Reshad Jones’ return- Coach Flores. (Also, not serious) – It will be exciting for both guys on Thursday (Both Coordinators calling […]

Miami Dolphins camp Quickie Notes: Day 9

Day 9 – NO Scrimmage. Regular Practice scheduled. Oh Well.– Coach Flores arrives 5 minutes early.– I know I said Ryan Fitzpatrick was leading the competition, but there is still plenty of competition left – Coach Flores– The Practice schedule for today is unclear. When asked when the “Live” periods of practice will occur, coach […]

Quickie Camp Notes, Day 7

DAY 7 – No Coach Flores availability today. – Dreary, cloudy. Menace of rain. – Practicing outside. No bubble time. – Loose warmup going on…might miss 9:40 prompt practice start for first time? – RAIN! – Practice starts with Special Teams. We also have a crew of Officials. – Near Field work today. – Michael […]

Quickie Camp Notes, Day 6

DAY 6 – Rainy, miserably morning. Could we have our first indoor practice of the new regime? – We will be outside today. No bubble time today. – Run of the mill stuff from Coach Flores today. – Want to impress me? Do it in the kicking game.- Coach Flores – Coach Flores confirms he […]

Quickie Camp Notes, Day 5

DAY 5 – Some ominous clouds on the horizon. Does Flores take them into the bubble? We might find out today. Doesn’t strike me as a “bubble guy” – Coach Flores comes in for what should be an eventful presser. – It’s up to Minkah, whether he plays every down this year- Coach Flores – […]

Quickie Camp Notes, Day 4

DAY 4 – Not a cloud in the sky. Hot as hell of course. – Shaq Calhoun and Isaiah Prince get a warmup together. Jakeem Grant and Kenny Stills. There are themes to these pre-practice warm ups. – No change to PUP list. We “assume” there are no changes from yesterday. (Haven’t gotten our injury […]