Miami Marlins: Grades for the 2023 season from our team

Consistently, the Miami Marlins were underdogs throughout the season. Whether it be due to expectations, due to their opponent, or due to the many, many injuries their team succumbed to, they were consistently seen as the lower team. Yet, you look at the Fish at the end of the season, and there they are. 6 games over .500, and a playoff birth. Both of which, were completely unexpected and unprecedented for a young, scrappy team in Miami. Even with the quick boot in the postseason, the Marlins had exceed every possible expectation laid out for them, and more. Here is how the team at 5R graded the Marlins performance this past season.


@KMiller_305 – Grade: A-

The Marlins exceeded nearly every expectation set for them this past season by finishing with an 84-78 record (should have been 85-77 but I digress), resulting in their first full season playoff berth since their World Series run in 2003. Meanwhile I had the Marlins finishing with a 77-85 record coming into the season, which at the time, I mentioned as “being optimistic” and “aiming high.” So, what else got them to an A-? 

Well, for me, having a massive bounce back year from Jorge Soler was a HUGE reason without question. Likewise, the addition of Luis Arraez prior to the start of the season, coupled with the deadline acquisitions of Jake Burger and Josh Bell, all of whom had incredible seasons with the Marlins in their own regards. To round out what helped them get to their A- lies within the pitching staff. Factors such as the emergence of Braxton Garrett as a mainstay in the rotation, the flashes of ace potential and the breakout for Jesus Luzardo, and the debut of future Cy Young candidate in Eury Perez. Likewise, the outstanding year from their pen, specifically from Andrew Nardi and Tanner Scott. All of that is great, but what kept them from an A or an A+? 

For one, they did not win a playoff game. Unfortunately, the season came to an end at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies in the Wild Card Series. Not being able to advance out of the first round or even win a game in the playoffs certainly hurts. Besides that, the injuries and subsequential struggles were scattered throughout the roster. All in all, despite the ugly bits to the season being, admittedly, pretty ugly, the Marlins did have a very successful season, which is something absolutely nobody can take away from them. There is reason to be excited and optimistic for the future if you’re a Marlins fan, which is truly something special. There may not have been a World Series championship or any franchise altering moment in the season, but 2023 will definitely be a season Marlins fans will remember for a while.


@JonAndersen_5R – Grade: A

For the first time since 2003, the Miami Marlins made a postseason birth in a full season. The Miami Marlins were competitive and fighters until the end of the season. Sadly, that didn’t transfer into the postseason series against the Phillies, where they looked rather dead in the water in Citizens Bank Park. However, if going into this season, you had told us that the Fish would not only have a winning record, but have a stretch where they’re 14 games over .500, make the Wild Card, and have someone win a major award across the National League, yet tell me that this is all done with Sandy Alcantara pitching poorly for half the season, Jazz Chisholm Jr. missing 65 games, and going through 4 different closers throughout the season, I would’ve thought you were crazy.

Every little thing that could’ve gone wrong for the Marlins, did. Yet somehow, every little thing that we couldn’t even have imagined to go right, did. Luis Arraez winning the batting title for the second year in a row, Eury Perez debuting and providing meaningful innings for the major league squad, Jorge Soler hitting 30+ home runs, and having meaningful and impactful acquisitions at the deadline. This team showed grit and showed determination, no matter how many times it felt like the season was at death’s door. 

Regardless of the result of the postseason, the Miami Marlins far surpassed any expectations that were set for them at the beginning of the season. They beat the teams they needed to beat, and also beat teams that they were expected to lose to. The Fish reversed the 1-run game curse they had last year, and ended up being the best team in baseball in 1-run games. Going from a team that dealt with so many setbacks and adversities, yet still succeeding in the way they did, I have no other option than to grade the season as an A. 


@AidanGallard0  – Grade: B+

The Miami Marlins did what no one expected them to do and that was making it to the postseason. Although they got swept in the Wild Card round against the Philadelphia Phillies, this team really played winning baseball all year which is something that fans aren’t used to seeing. From Luis Arraez winning the batting title to Jake Burger really showing a different side of him since being acquired by the Marlins at the trade deadline, there were a lot of positive takeaways from the season. But of course, with every team in baseball, it’s not all positive. Last year’s Cy Young winner, Sandy Alcantara, really didn’t pitch to what was expected of him this season. He struggled at times on the mound but every now and then, he’d have a great outing. To make matters worse, he won’t be able to pitch next season because of Tommy John surgery. So yeah, there’s that. The reason I don’t give the season grade an A is because I felt like they could’ve made some noise in the postseason. The talent they were showcasing throughout the season just couldn’t catch up and a lot of that has to do with injuries and how the season’s longevity really took a toll on the guys, especially on the pitching staff. But, there’s a lot to be happy about with the Fish and next season might just be even better.


@JSportsMiami – Grade: A

Although the unfortunate loss in the wild card round to the Phillies, this season was a tremendous success for Miami. For a team many projected to end near last place of the division, and one of the worst in the NL, they showed promise and grit. Skip Schumaker arrived and did a complete flip on the team’s culture. The postseason was  a dream at the start of the spring training, if everything went perfect, just maybe it could happen. Instead, things were far from perfect and they still were able to accomplish it. Most fans and people of the sport had them around 70-74 wins. Instead they got 84 (or 85 with that Mets game) and a wild card berth. Just an outstanding job by Kim, Skip and the entire team to make this year work. 2023 being a memorable season is an understatement. 

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