Accept This as the new Standard for the Miami Hurricanes

The standard set two decades ago by the Miami Hurricanes football team is unrealistic today.

Fans who are old enough to remember the last great era of Hurricanes football have been waiting.

And waiting.

Year after year, preseason expectations soar.

While season after season, the final results crash and burn.

The fact of the matter is, the Miami Hurricanes are just another team in college football.

Just another mid-tier ACC team.

Which at this point in the Manny Diaz era should be expected.

Preseason accolades fuel evasive goals and status, like the facade of Miami entering the game ranked 14th in the country.

An arbitrary, vaguely assigned numeric value which means absolutely nothing.

Stop buying into it.

Treadmill of Coaching Mediocrity

Since Larry Coker’s last season in 2006, the Hurricanes have had three full time coaches prior to Diaz.

Randy Shannon (28-22)

Al Golden (32-25)

Mark Richt (26-12)

Richt’s record at Georgia from 2001 through 2015 was a stellar 145-51, and he led the charge for the new indoor practice facility at Miami.

Shannon would eventually lose control of the program, while Golden’s tenure took it completely off the rails.

Both saw scandal and poor on-field play undermine almost any positives.

Richt brought stability, pedigree, and a foundation of structure from a career competing against the top coaches in the SEC.

Enter Diaz, who like the names before him can recruit at a high level.

His record sits at 14-10, a similar trend to Shannon and Golden.

How soon is too soon to overreact?

Miami has shown so far in his tenure that they are several rungs below the upper echelon in college football.

Good news…so is almost every other team in the land.

Protect Your House

When Miami left the Big East after the 2003 season, the ACC was supposed to be their playground.

The Hurricanes decimated opponents in the Big East, leaving a catastrophic wake as their namesake implies.

However since joining the ACC, Miami has become just another team bowing at the alter of Clemson.

Richt took the Hurricanes to their only ACC Championship appearance, where they were summarily destroyed by Clemson 38-3.

Supporters of the Hurricanes should not expect the team to compete with the likes of Alabama.

When the memory of giving up 62 points to North Carolina is still vivid.

However, all is not lost in Coral Gables, as one game does not make a season.

Especially one few thought Miami had any prayer of victory in to begin with.

The Atlantic Coast Conference could be down this year, as both Clemson and North Carolina already have losses as well.

Realistically, ACC championship game appearances on the regular should be one of the first goals.

The Hurricanes are building a talent base, but are lacking the cache to compete with the chalk of college football.

First they must start winning the games they should, easily.

Starting with Appalachian State.

Take care of the ACC pack, then extinguish a rebuilding UNC team like a Category 5 monster.

Peak late instead of early.

While far away from programs such as Alabama and Georgia, Miami is still on the precipice of being an ACC contender.

Which is all anyone could ask of them at this point.

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