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Hurricanes Redemption

An Elite Eight in 2022. A Final Four in 2023. Things had never been better for the University of Miami Men’s Basketball Program. Expectations come and go, but with an upward trend, the 2024 Canes were all set to be the best team in school history. Disaster Months in the Making This team is currently […]

The End of the Beginning

As the ball nestled harmlessly onto the Brazos Valley turf, carrying with it the Canes’ ill-fated comeback attempt, a calm settled over the Hurricanes. Amidst the cultish cheering of the maroon clad zealots those of us resplendently dressed in ostentatious orange filed out of Kyle Field beaten but not defeated. The result was disappointing, but […]

Miami’s Magical March

“One Shining Moment” is ubiquitous in CBS’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament. The song plays out the tournament, recapping a month of memories, reliving the ups and downs, the humanity of sports. For Miami’s Athletic Program, shining moments over the past 2 decades have been mere blips on the radar, drowned out by a cacophony […]

I Still Believe in a Place Called Hope

Some of you might get the reference in the title, as it echoes out of my childhood. Bill Clinton, from Hope, Arkansas, famously ended his acceptance speech for the 1992 Presidential Campaign by saying, “I still believe in a place called Hope.” Former President Clinton played an outsized role in how I grew to love […]

Play Like a Hurricane

Big game weeks are different. The pulse quickens, tension mounts. We all know the feeling. Usually, for Miami fans, that is Florida State week. And, on the off chance that Florida agrees to play Miami, that week is special too. This week? It has those vibes. SEC! SEC! SEC! There are several reasons for excitement this […]

The Town That I Know So Well

The concept of home is a tenuous one at best. It has a textbook definition, no doubt, often centered around the physical dwelling in which one resides. But what does it really mean? Is it the place you were born? The place you currently live? The place you identify with? As the Miami Hurricanes travel […]

Mario Cristobal’s Calling

November 13, 2021. The Miami Hurricanes did what they’ve done for the better part of two decades. Play infuriatingly poor football, have enough explosive plays to somehow be in a position to win, and blow the game anyway. But this felt different. Losing to that Florida State team was clearly unacceptable to the fan base. […]