4 Good Reasons to Start Playing Ping Pong

This pandemic has taught us to value life. Most of us engage in physical activities to boost our immune system and prolong our lives. Scientific evidence has provided overwhelming effects of physical activity and sport on the overall well-being of an individual. The direct and positive impact of engaging in regular exercise is particularly evident in the prevention of most chronic illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, hypertension, and osteoporosis.

A Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace emphasizes the benefits of physical activity in developing healthy bones, improved cognitive function or motor skills, and efficient lung and heart function. It maintains the quality of life and autonomy.

However, not everyone can adapt to any sport and physical activity. The pre-existing conditions of individuals may restrict their bodies from doing worthwhile activities. In terms of sports, table tennis can be recommended to those people who want to engage in a recreation that is less physically demanding. Playing Ping-Pong has several benefits without being too exhausted. 

1.  Stimulates Mental Awareness

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, a physician, psychiatrist, and brain imaging expert, table tennis is “the world’s best brain sport”. It is a fast game that requires sharpness of mind in developing strategies and tactics. Ping-pong is extremely aerobic as it uses both the lower and upper body. It uses all areas of the brain simultaneously as you follow the movement of the ball, figuring out your spins and planning shots and strategies. It develops mental acuity. 

2.  Improves Hand-eye coordination

If you happen to watch a table tennis match, you would probably be amazed at how the players hit the ball so quickly that your eyes can’t keep up! Aside from extreme focus, the art of table tennis also requires incredible hand-eye coordination. It is so intense that it stimulates concentration. It may look challenging to those people who are just learning the basics of table tennis. Good thing some expert players share guides in playing the game. Visit pongplace.com if you want to learn tips, techniques, and strategies in Ping pong. They will help you enhance your skill.

3.  Burns Calories

You might think that playing ping pong is like a leisure activity or pastime just like bowling or billiards. Surprisingly, most table tennis beginners burn about 200-350 calories in an hour. Advanced players may burn anywhere between 450-500 calories per hour. This sets this game apart from any other recreational games. This is an exercise that constantly burns your fat and boosts metabolism. 

4.  Expands Social Environment

Table tennis is one of the games that help you develop social interaction as you need to play with others. It expands your social environment and allows you to meet and interact with other people from all walks of life.

Physical activity and sport have significant contributions in promoting a healthy lifestyle. You can choose a sport or activity that is less exhaustive. Table tennis is one of the recreational indoor games with several health benefits. It improves cardiovascular function and overall fitness.

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