The Intricacies of Horse Racing: How to Be a Proficient Thoroughbred Sports Bettor

Horse racing has been a proficient business for many cultures since its roots in track and field racing. Nowadays, it remains one of the most significant sports events in terms of audience following, international recognition, and revenue from door sales to sports betting. 


This article will cover critical aspects of becoming a proficient sports bettor. We will cover the basics to help you propel from a first-timer to an expert. Read more below, especially the first one, as it remains one of the best ways to kickstart your sports betting experience.


Know The Ins and Outs

Ask yourself: What’s the best asset a bettor can have? Is it luck? The best hats? Or money? Well, the answer is information. 


Even without the biggest bankrolls in the scene, understanding the rules of the road contributes to your decision-making skills. You can start by typing in keywords or getting the list of common betting types, which lets you see a bird’s eye view of the whole betting scene. From the breeders cup TVG picks to the horse’s odds, digging deeper lets you pick which bets you want to try on or what the numbers represent in your betting sheets. 


Many rookie bettors would rely on superstitions and luck, expecting they would win big. In some rare cases, they do, but those who try to understand the ropes would go far from being just any bettor in the leagues. That said, the fact you are reading this means that you’ve already reached the first step; now, let’s go over other practices you need to know before placing your first wager. 


Money Gets The Ball Rolling 

Sometimes, money isn’t everything. But in sports betting, money gets the ball rolling. Managing your budget means ensuring you earn more than you’ve lost. If your money runs out, that’s game over for you. So, how do you manage your money? By keeping track.


You separate yourself from those casual or leisure bettors by simply keeping track of your expenses in a notebook or a spreadsheet. Experienced bettors consider every cent they spend towards wagers, adjusting accordingly to their wins and losses. That said, part of the research is seeing how much you can afford to lose and what wagers are best suited for your money. We recommend starting at low-risk bets; not only can you get a hands-on feel of the game, but you can also potentially earn on the side and still have enough money to explore. 


No One Wins Without Losing

Another critical point to take when dealing with wagers is that, fundamentally, you will lose. Not necessarily that you can’t have an illustrious sports betting journey, but when you expect losses every time you play, you will become more steadfast and not be bothered too much. 


You see, emotion is a big thing in sports betting, and bookies exploit this by offering and even advertising no-loss betting lines or creative marketing tactics to give a sense of security from rookie bettors, making them feel as if they got a guaranteed win only to get back at it again to recover their losses.


Simply put, sports betting is all about wagering on the outcome that’s most likely to happen. Sometimes, we get it wrong and lose something valuable. So it’s best that you understand that to heart while playing. 


Avoid Chasing Losses

Speaking of losses, the idea of chasing losses is a clear sign that you’re a rookie. This term is widely used as a betting behavior where one plays the same wager in the same or high amount in a haphazard attempt to get back at their winnings, only to lose and fall into a financial rabbit hole.


Chasing losses is a hazardous betting style, often leading to a full-blown gambling addiction or committing gambling-related crimes. So, if you see yourself on a losing streak, it would be better to take a breather, rest for a moment, and get stronger instead of chasing your losses. 


Know How to Quit

This point might look counter-intuitive, but in becoming a better bettor, you must understand yourself and know how to quit. 


Betting, as with all gambling games, can be addictive, and addiction can be dangerous, especially if your reason for playing is to have fun while earning big. So, how do you know when to quit? There are many things to look for. Betting today is not for you, but generally speaking, once you feel desperate to win and have been spending more than you can afford, that is the time to stop. 


Other than that, everything can be just a gut feeling, but you still need to quit while it’s still early. And besides, betting lines would never close as long as there is a horse racing event. So you can quit today, recoup your finances, and return stronger in the successive league. 


Final Thoughts

Being a professional or proficient bettor is not just about knowing the strategies and having the big bucks to compete; it’s more about discipline. Discipline is not just in learning the ropes but also continuous discipline from start to finish. Nevertheless, it takes time and patience to pull this off. And as long as you have those qualities, you can perfectly apply the tips mentioned above and be an expert in no time!

Table tennis betting at Mostbet bookmaker

Table tennis betting is betting on the outcome or any other outcome within a ping pong match. This discipline is very dynamic and unpredictable, so players prefer to bet on ping-pong in live mode. As for popularity, table tennis is far from being as popular as tennis, but still has its own audience.

What you need to know about ping pong betting?

The game itself appeared a long time ago and has already managed to gain popularity all over the world. It can also be noted that table tennis has a number of well-established rules, but the rules of the match may vary somewhat depending on the event. For example, at the Olympic Games or World Championships, the regulations provide for a match for 7 sets (up to 4 wins), while at less status events it is customary to play a match for 5 sets (up to 3 wins, respectively).

So, here’s what you need to know about tennis betting when betting at bookmakers:

  • Ping pong is a single (sometimes doubles) sport. This means that the player, his physical form, psychological state, motivation and skill are of great importance.
  • Table tennis is a dynamic game, which is very difficult to predict in advance. The course of events can change in minutes. This is often used by betters playing live, who try to react to a change in the situation faster than bookmakers, while the odds have not yet been adjusted.
  • Unlike lawn tennis and volleyball, in ping pong the serve does not matter so much, as the players take turns every two serves. It all depends on the skills and abilities of specific players.
  • Top championships, athletes and ping pong experts are concentrated in Asia. This discipline is very popular there, including in BC. In Russia, table tennis is treated with great respect, but more on an amateur than a professional level. Therefore, to predict the upcoming event, the best option is to study the rating of players, personal meetings, statistics on the results of recent events.

Do not forget that you can get table tennis bets at the most favorable odds only on the site


Table tennis betting

As for the rates themselves. Firstly, it should be noted that table tennis has not a very large list in Russian bookmakers. Somewhere more, somewhere less. To find a suitable bookmaker option, it is best to use the bookmaker rating on the BettinCafe information portal website, which contains only the most reliable and trusted bookmakers.

Secondly, the tactics of betting on ping-pong can be very different depending on the mode in which the user bets: in Prematch or Live.

 Ping-pong pre-match bets are not as relevant as live bets, but they also have a right to exist. Basically, this is a classic set of bets on the outcome, on the handicap and on the total.


Exodus is a classic with two possible outcomes of the event. As a rule, in the betting line it is written as P1 and P2. Some bookmakers offer to bet on the outcome of a particular game.

Handicap – with a significant advantage of one of the players, you can bet on the handicap. In ping pong, it is customary to bet on three types of odds:

Handicap on the outcome (according to the points scored);

Handicap by games (for example, up to 3.5);

Handicap in a specific game (also by points scored).

Total is one of the most popular bets in almost all sports. In table tennis, it is customary to bet on the following types of total:

Total total (total number of points per match);

Total total of games (total number of games played per match);

Total points in a particular game (the total number of points within the selected game);

Individual total (the total number of points of one player (pair) for a match or a specific game).

Before betting on the total, the better should definitely find out the rules of the event, which involves a certain number of parties – up to 5 or up to 7.

Horse Race Betting Guide for Beginners

Horse racing is a popular sport that facilitates many betting opportunities. The thrill of choosing a winning horse and watching it charge for the lead as it comes down the backstretch makes the sport more fun and exciting. Some of the biggest horse racing events attract huge viewership, and the payouts are just as big. To boost your horse racing betting skills, understand the competing horses’ form and know the jockeys, track, and horse conditions. Before placing your bets, understand the horse racing betting odds to help you make informed choices.

Consider diversifying your bets by wagering on several horses across multiple races or on a single race. Familiarize yourself with horse racing terminology and find a betting strategy, including Dutch betting, lay betting, or each-way betting. When starting, you may have a limited bankroll. However, based on the bookmaker, you can take advantage of welcome offers, cashback bonuses, and horse racing rebates. Below is a horse race betting guide for beginners.

Horse race betting sites

The birth of horse racing sites means you no longer have to go to the tracks to place your bets. Along with being able to bet on any race track globally, you can watch the sport from online sites. Look for trusted horse race betting sites and ensure that they offer multiple betting options, a lot of tracks and actions, and the best interfaces. You can also get betting tips for different races on these betting websites, including the Golden Slipper tips, the latest news, and everything horse race betting related.

Horse race betting strategy

There is no greater joy than watching the horses you bet on crossing the finish line just as you predicted. Nevertheless, winning a horse race bet isn’t about luck or selecting the horse with the best name. It’s about the racing strategies and tips you can use to make wiser choices with greater winning chances. Consider taking your time to go through strategy guides to help you crash every race you bet on. You can also create your own horse race betting strategy necessary for long-term bet winnings.

The odds

The odds indicate a horse’s winning chances. Shorter odds mean the horse is more favored. A horse with odds of 3/1 is deemed to have higher success chances than those with 6/1 odds. Odds are set by the bookmakers and are most likely to favor themselves. 6/1 odds mean that you get six in return for every one unit you bet plus one unit as it’s your original bet.

Bookmakers consider the horse’s track records and the amount wagered on them to protect themselves from losing money. If a horse attracts a lot of interest, its odds may be shortened and may not reflect its real winning chances. For example, if you bet $20 on 6/1 odds and your horse wins, you’ll get $140 (20*6 + 20*1) as your payout.

Types of horse racing wagers

When betting on horse races, it’s essential to understand the different bet types you can place. In show bets, your horse must finish first, second or third, making your winning chances very good. Place bets involve your horse finishing the race first or second, making your winning chances suitable. The win has average winning chances because your horse must finish first. In quinella bets, you choose two horses in the same race, and they must finish in first and second position in no particular order.

Exacta involves choosing two horses, and they must finish in the first and second position in the exact order you bet on, making your winning chances difficult. In trifecta bets, your horses must finish in first, second, and third places in the exact order you wagered on. This makes your winning opportunities very hard. Superfecta has tough winning chances because your horses must win in the precise order you bet on in positions one, two, three, and four. They also require a sizable bankroll, and the payouts are big. Daily double bets are hard to win as your horses must win two consecutive races.

How to place a horse race bet

Placing a horse race bet isn’t complicated. If placing your bets online, you must open an account with a legit betting site and deposit funds. Find the race you want to bet on and how much you’re betting on it, then place your bet. If you’re going to the tracks to get your ticket, state the racetrack’s name and the number of the race you’re betting on. Indicate your bet amount, the type of wager, and the horse’s number.


If you’re new to horse racing betting, researching before placing your bets increases your winning chances. Consult the above guide for betting basics and understand how the sport works.

4 Good Reasons to Start Playing Ping Pong

This pandemic has taught us to value life. Most of us engage in physical activities to boost our immune system and prolong our lives. Scientific evidence has provided overwhelming effects of physical activity and sport on the overall well-being of an individual. The direct and positive impact of engaging in regular exercise is particularly evident in the prevention of most chronic illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, hypertension, and osteoporosis.

A Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace emphasizes the benefits of physical activity in developing healthy bones, improved cognitive function or motor skills, and efficient lung and heart function. It maintains the quality of life and autonomy.

However, not everyone can adapt to any sport and physical activity. The pre-existing conditions of individuals may restrict their bodies from doing worthwhile activities. In terms of sports, table tennis can be recommended to those people who want to engage in a recreation that is less physically demanding. Playing Ping-Pong has several benefits without being too exhausted. 

1.  Stimulates Mental Awareness

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, a physician, psychiatrist, and brain imaging expert, table tennis is “the world’s best brain sport”. It is a fast game that requires sharpness of mind in developing strategies and tactics. Ping-pong is extremely aerobic as it uses both the lower and upper body. It uses all areas of the brain simultaneously as you follow the movement of the ball, figuring out your spins and planning shots and strategies. It develops mental acuity. 

2.  Improves Hand-eye coordination

If you happen to watch a table tennis match, you would probably be amazed at how the players hit the ball so quickly that your eyes can’t keep up! Aside from extreme focus, the art of table tennis also requires incredible hand-eye coordination. It is so intense that it stimulates concentration. It may look challenging to those people who are just learning the basics of table tennis. Good thing some expert players share guides in playing the game. Visit if you want to learn tips, techniques, and strategies in Ping pong. They will help you enhance your skill.

3.  Burns Calories

You might think that playing ping pong is like a leisure activity or pastime just like bowling or billiards. Surprisingly, most table tennis beginners burn about 200-350 calories in an hour. Advanced players may burn anywhere between 450-500 calories per hour. This sets this game apart from any other recreational games. This is an exercise that constantly burns your fat and boosts metabolism. 

4.  Expands Social Environment

Table tennis is one of the games that help you develop social interaction as you need to play with others. It expands your social environment and allows you to meet and interact with other people from all walks of life.

Physical activity and sport have significant contributions in promoting a healthy lifestyle. You can choose a sport or activity that is less exhaustive. Table tennis is one of the recreational indoor games with several health benefits. It improves cardiovascular function and overall fitness.

A Primer on Sports Betting: How to Win Big

One of gambling’s oldest and most popular forms of placing bets is on sports. In the early days, sports betting seemed to be primarily on horse racing. However, today, it seems that you can gamble on any type of sport imaginable. American Football, NBA Basketball and soccer from every league in the world is proving to be extremely popular. Sports betting, allows punters to mix their passion of their preferred sport and gambling together. It gives the punter a chance to put their money where their mouth is, in the hope that their knowledge of the game will help them predict the outcome and win some money. Many people will only bet on their team they support to show loyalty. Sports betting can change a dull or one-sided fixture into the highlight of your day. With gambling becoming increasingly legal in many countries around the world it seems whether you like it or not, sports betting is here to stay. There are many sites online nowadays that allow you to gamble on sports or slots, like eye of horus which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


How Big Is Sports Betting?

Over the past few decades, the popularity of sports betting has been growing to new heights. Considering the first sports book was published online in 1996, the speed in which the industry has developed is incredible. In the United States, during 2013 the market size for legal sports betting was worth approximately $240 million US Dollars. However, the legal sport gambling sector was estimated anywhere from $1.5 billion to $11.8 billion dollars. Although, the exact figure for the illegal sports gambling market is impossible to give an exact figure, the estimations are staggering. Experts reckon if sports gambling was legal throughout all the states in America that the value of the market could be worth around $16 billion dollars per year. Legal sports betting investors claim today, with more states legalizing gambling, that the industry will be valued at $7 billion to $8 billion US dollars over the next five years. Many online casinos that offer slot games like blackjack online, are branching off into the sports gambling industry these days. 


Benefits Of Sports Betting

Sports betting can be extremely entertaining for those who take part. Whether it’s a day out with your friends at your local pub to watch your bets on the Premier League football matches, or, if you have a box seat at Wimbledon for the tennis final in London with your betting ticket in hand, sports betting can seriously add to the rollercoaster ride of emotions sport entails. The thrill is hard to come by in any of the other investment classes. Not many people invite all their friends over for pizzas and beers to watch the stock market channel. 


In many countries sports betting is tax free, which is a dream to any investor. Many governments cannot tax sports betting profits because they would have to allow equal tax credits for gambling losses. 


The Difference Between Investing In Stocks To Sports Betting


Unlike betting on the stock markets, sports betting unfolds in front of your eyes if watched live. This transparency gives the punter a view of exactly what is happening with their money. In soccer for instance, many of the bigger games will have team information, statistics, player and manager’s press conference before and after the games, TV interviews with players and coaches, former professionals and presenters opinions on the game, live commentary throughout the game and injury updates. It seems these days the amount of information on games and players appears to be endless. Many players use social media platforms nowadays to update fans on their physical condition and often post videos of themselves working out at the gym or going for a jog. Most stadiums now are fitted with lots of cameras with views from all angles in High Definition so the viewer doesn’t miss a thing. Nowadays, with the use of technology, sports are becoming even more regulated. In tennis, Hawkeye is available to the players which allows them to challenge an umpire’s decision. In soccer, VAR (Video, Assistant Referee) is available. This allows the referee on the pitch to get advice on a decision they might be unable to see. A group of referees with screens will be able to replay the situation in slow motion numerous times until a decision is made. As it’s impossible for the referee and assistant to watch all 22 players on the pitch at once, this new technology has proved very useful. Similar technology is seen in many sports these days including Rugby, Ice Hockey, NBA and Baseball. This gives the punter certainty in their investment. It also reduces their chances of feeling cheated.


Sports betting is recession proof. Even if inflation rises, a war starts, a famine starts, none will affect the odds of a game. Games are completely independent to all the variables outside the game. 

Sports Betting Is Always Available

365 days a year, it seems to be possible to place your bets on sports. Fair enough, it might not be your preferred sport or league, but with the advantages of the internet you can gain access to sports and leagues throughout the globe. Even during the world’s current crisis when it seemed the entire world was on lockdown, you could still find games being played and online bookies ready to take your bet. Sports betting is limitless. 


Can Sports Betting Make You Rich?

Like any type of gambling, in the long run it is rare that people will make a profit. If your friends are consistent gamblers, it’s likely you only hear about their wins! Winning is something many of us like to boast about, losing is a topic most of us try and avoid. However, many punters have had their fair share of life changing wins. Sometimes making large sums of money predicting odds on sports, but unfortunately the number is small in comparison to those who cling onto the dream of a big win. In 2016, Leicester City were at 5000/1 to win the Premier League. The lowest odds given to any club in the league that season. They managed to come first and bookies all of the UK had to pay out those lucky punters. 

5 Ways to Win in the Preakness Stakes

The 145th renewal of the Preakness Stakes will settle on October 3, 2020, at Pimlico Park, Maryland. The Stronach Group had found this final date after it faced a setback last May. Usually, the Preakness Stakes is the second part of the U.S. Triple Crown Series but will serve as the concluding event this year after the show’s schedule was rearranged. 


Last month, the first part of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, was over. After that, the Kentucky Derby will follow in September. Although schedule changes are happening in the Triple Crown show this year, surely it will return to its original placements next season when the COVID-19 pandemic is successfully contained. 


While the Preakness Stakes takes the last Triple Crown leg, it will not stop the horses from saddling up. Apart from that, it will feature a deserving Triple Crown winner if a racehorse is accomplished both in Derby and Belmont. As the Preakness Stakes settles in three months, here are five ways to bet and earn big in this horse racing tournament. 

Bet For Derby Winners

When you bet the Preakness Stakes online, consider the horses who handled the Derby well. The Run For The Roses precedes the Preakness Stakes, which has a longer racecourse. Do know that the Preakness Stakes has the shortest running-distance in all Triple Crown races, and Derby huge accomplishers may win without a hitch?


Today, the Derby is featuring twenty horses in the field led by Tiz The Law, the recently concluded Belmont Stakes winner. This colt has dominated significant stakes races before joining the Triple Crown race. If this horse continues to rule the Derby, he is the most deserving bet to win the Preakness Stakes and possibly the next Triple Crown titleholder. 

Don’t Forget Bob Baffert

Uncle Chuck, Cezanne, and Authentic are Bob Baffert’s entries to the Triple Crown this season. Earlier this year, he pulled-out Nadal as this racehorse had to face an early retirement due to a bone injury. Although Baffert is a bit disappointed because of Nadal’s exit, he aims for another Derby and Preakness titles from one of his entrants this year. 


Thus, when you wager for the upcoming Preakness Stakes, don’t hesitate to choose Baffert’s entry. Baffert is one of the most in-demand racehorse trainers who have won many significant Triple Crown races.  His recent Triple Crown achievement was through Justify in 2015. In 2019, he ranked in 9th place for the highest-earning horse racing trainers worldwide. 

Take A Risk On Exotic Bets 

While Straight Bets (Win, Place, Show) are the most popular betting categories you can wager in the Preakness Stakes, the Exotic bets can give you big payouts when you risk for this group. Remember that Exotic bets are harder to achieve and win because you have to guess the winners in the right order. You must scrutinize the racehorses based on their performance to pick the deserving Preakness Stakes winner. 


There is a bigger chance to win big when gambling for Exotic bets since the Preakness Stakes has the shortest racecourse. The horses who shine best during the Belmont Stakes and the Derby have higher chances of winning to predict right finish line positions for them. 

Shop For Excellent Odds 

Most of the betting games for the U.S. Triple Crown, including the Preakness Stakes, are done online. Since the Preakness Stakes this year is attended by well-accomplished racehorses, the fans can expect impressive odds value. It is why most trusted bookies are creating betting lines where you can gain huge payouts.


When betting for the Preakness Stakes, make sure to shop for many bookmakers. Remember that their odds differ, and you have to gamble for the best one.  Lastly, take advantage of their bonuses to increase your chances of earning more. 

Gamble On All Possible Chances

There is no harm when you wager within your comfort zone, but it’s good to resist all the betting games you’d like to play. It not only gets you tied with one category but will also help you maximize your chances of winning. 


By doing this, you can gamble one or two categories in the Straight and Exotic bets. There are also less popular betting options that might happen in the Preakness Stakes, and if you find this profitable, you might also consider wagering for these categories. 



With the Preakness Stakes culminating the Triple Crown show this season, the tournament will surely come more thrilling. The fans can see how the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby hopefuls will end their Triple Crown journey this year. 


Besides, these horses were accomplishers in many stakes races, which they can undeniably ace the game anytime. Thus, if you plan to wager in the Preakness Stakes, the tips shown above can secure a profitable bankroll

CORONAVIRUS Sports Tracker: Frequent Updates

The widespread coronavirus outbreak has impacted professional and collegiate sports across the nation.

Most recent at the top….

Hey, finally some good news!

THE MASTERS is now postponed. Could mark first time in history that the tournament is not played in April.


THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP is now cancelled, along with every PGA event till the first week of April.


Charles Barkley is among the latest to self-quarantine.


The Heat are working on something to help arena workers. More details to come.


Some NBA teams are doing the right thing.


Dwyane Wade doesn’t understand what the local school officials here are doing.


The XFL has caved. So much for the rebirth… for now.


It’s now infecting international soccer.


NBA will be suspended for 30 days.

Essentially that means the regular season is over.


Goodbye March Madness.


More details on the NBA coming soon.


Dan Gilbert is ahead of Micky Arison on something.

One league seems intent on outlasting all the others.

The entire ACC has postponed spring practice for all teams, which may also put the Hurricanes spring game in jeopardy.


Fans of the Marlins will have to wait a few extra weeks…

The American Airlines Arena has canceled all major events for the rest of March.


There will also be no NFL Spring meeting in Palm Beach for the time being.



The National Hockey League has suspended their season as well.




The Florida Atlantic University basketball season is over….

NFL now headed for a shutdown. Hard to see how free agency proceeds as scheduled…

So much for that InterMiami home debut.

Yes, it is already affecting prep for the NFL draft.

We are now waiting on the NHL.

A second NBA star has been diagnosed.


After it was learned Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, the NBA has suspended the season indefinitely.


The NCAA had already announced that all men’s and women’s basketball tournaments would be held without fans.


Locally, besides the Miami Heat other sporting events are being cancelled or postponed including the upcoming Miami Open.


Dwyane Wade continues to add onto his HOF L3GACY! 

Athlete. Father. Social Activist. Fashion Icon. Champion. Author. Documentarian. Rapper? 

Flash leads the Miami Heat in several categories: Field goals, points, games played, minutes played, free throws, and now BARS!

This weekend, Wade County will honor the historic career of Miami’s greatest athlete, with a 3-day celebration centered around his much-deserved jersey retirement. To kick-off the festivities, Wade and UD linked up with fellow local legend and hip-hop icon, Rick Ross, to shock the world with a new single titled “Season Ticket Holder.” 

The Port of Miami rapper has built a strong relationship with Dwyane and Udonis over the years. In fact, you can often spot him sitting courtside at the AAA (is it still called that?) wearing a custom pair of Li-Nings and dapping up players as he walks towards the Hyde Lounge for refreshments. So, it’s no surprise that Ricky Rozay would find a way to get involved in what will be, one of the most fun and nostalgic weekends in HEAT history. Make no mistake, Rick Ross does the heavy lifting on this track, whereas D.Wade is more of a featured guest. But just like they alluded in the teaser video released earlier this week, this is for Miami, for the culture, for the fans, and for fun. 

So let’s take a minute to breakdown how Flash holds up in what will now be regarded as the theme song for Wade’s L3GACY weekend! 

Intro … Right off the bat, Udonis sounds like he belongs in the booth, whereas Dwyane’s voice… catches you off guard a bit. They shout out their history together and a nod to the three rings on their fingers before the beat drops.

1st Verse … D.Wade hits us with a strong opening line to get the track started. I’m the son of a saint, still considered sinner reaks of Rick Ross’ finest creative greenery, but credit to Flash for nailing the delivery. He weaves through the 1st verse like it’s a classic pick-n-roll, making nods to his stats, fashion, and overall game. Always bet on your homies, then go buy the casino highlights how uplifting of a teammate Wade was. Much better than Dion Waiter’s selfish bet on yourself and then double-down, style of play. His energy really picks up when he gets to the topic of his wife. It’s almost as if you can hear the smile on his face after he mentions her. He then closes out the verse by mentioning his Lamborghini, sneakers, private jets, and money — the basics.

Rick Ross takes over the rest of the track doing what he does best. The lush production hits another level when the hook comes in, sung by Raphel Saadiq. It’s absolutely worth the listen and a cool way to jump-start a memorable weekend for the Miami Heat fans and franchise. Make sure you stick around till the end and catch D. Wade and UD once again resurfacing for the outro to remind us of how hard they worked for 16 seasons.

Three Championship banners in the rafters, three rings on their fingers, and one new single to go with it.

Miami Sports…are They Becoming Good Again?

The ever changing Miami sports landscape has been on a steady trend downward since the end of the “Big 3 era” of Miami Heat basketball.

Now there were some amazing moments since then, such as Dwyane Wade’s Last Dance and the Miami Miracle.

Those fleeting instances have been sandwiched between years of mediocrity.

The Marlins tore it all down, again.

The Heat had a bloated, ineffective roster.

We all know where Adam Gase left the Dolphins.

Manny Diaz is trying to bring the Hurricanes back.

Even the Panthers, a team with legitimate playoff aspirations recently, has disappointed.

Expecting anything different has become an annual disappointment.

Until now.

Dolphins Vision Unfolding

All of a sudden there is exciting and competitive football being played by the Miami Dolphins.

Who for once are actually exceeding expectations.

Yet we still aren’t happy.

Brian Flores has steadily guided a team lacking NFL level talent across multiple positions into a disciplined and passionate group.

Flores and his coaching staff are developing players and proving it “Takes No Talent” to compete.

Chris Grier has a war chest of draft capital, and actual capital of about 140M to quickly add top tier free agents.

With a shot at a franchise quarterback to boot.

For once the Dolphins have a plan and the cast to execute and deliver a winner.

Culture Shock

The Miami Heat seem to have figured out their roster around a true star in Jimmy Butler.

And are interesting as hell.


Getting back to their defensive identity and bringing back the “Culture” led by Butler has galvanized a young roster.

Currently the Heat rank fourth in defensive rating and third in steals per game (9.6). Miami also ranks in the top ten league wide in points-per-game allowed (105.7, 6th) steals (96, 5th) and overall defensive FG% (.437, 9th).

Smart perimeter defense has been key, the Heat lead the NBA in 3-point FG% allowed at just 28.9%. Only Miami and Oklahoma City are holding teams under 30% from deep as of November 13th.


Hassan Whiteside went to Portland which paved the way for Bam Adebayo to become the all around catalyst we see before us. Before being sidelined with a concussion, Justise Winslow was taking a huge step forward as well.

Finally the Heat have a cohesive roster that fits their style of play and identity, in a wide open Eastern Conference the Heat are suddenly poised for a home playoff series if they stay on track.

Cardiac Cats

In Sunrise the Florida Panthers under new coach Joel Quenneville are playing exciting, action packed hockey. Florida has won their last two games by an 11-9 margin…that’s a lot of goals!

After making franchise history with a four goal rally against Boston this week, the Panthers are showing tremendous toughness and resolve in late game pressure situations.


In the two wins against Boston and New York the Panthers outscored them 5-0 in the third period. Despite shaky goaltending and defense the Cats have found a way to get it done in the final 20 minutes.

It helps to have a top ten offense on your side, Aleksander Barkov has points in six straight games entering Thursday’s action and the power play continues to dominate.

Florida ranks second with the man advantage, converting 26.8% of their power play opportunities.

If the Panthers can figure out their issues on the blue line and in goal to support a dynamic offense, they have a great chance of making the playoffs for the first time since the 2015-2016 season.

Hurricanes’ Season a Tale of two Teams

The Miami Hurricanes football team has had a polarizing season to say the least.

From quarterback uncertainty and losses against inferior teams early in the year, to blowout wins and record breaking performances – the 2019 Miami Hurricanes have kept fans on the edge of their seats.

After an uneven start to the season on offense, Jarren Williams has settled in as QB1 and hitting the big plays that were missing earlier in the year.


The Hurricanes have won three straight in ACC play by a combined margin of 95-49, after starting conference play 1-3 the turnaround has been drastic.

On the other side of the ball the defense has been wrecking house led by new and older names alike.

Senior linebackers Michael Pinckney and Shaq Quarterman have experienced a resurgence of energy and effectiveness.

While Gregory Rousseau went from out of the starting lineup to the best defensive lineman in the ACC, and one of the best in all of college football.


The Hurricanes have a star in the making both under center and at defensive end, two of the most important positions in football.

And they are both freshman.

With a coaching staff starting to figure it out and a favorable ACC Coastal division to call home, the sun is shining bright in Coral Gables.

Don’t Forget About us!

While the teams that are in action in November are getting all the attention, there are more great storylines in Miami sports on the way.

The Marlins have quietly built one of the best farm systems in all of baseball.

Oh yeah, we are getting professional soccer too!

We could be saying this time next year “what a time to be a Miami sports fan”

A statement that is well deserved and long overdue.

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Photo by Tony Capobianco.