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Table tennis betting is betting on the outcome or any other outcome within a ping pong match. This discipline is very dynamic and unpredictable, so players prefer to bet on ping-pong in live mode. As for popularity, table tennis is far from being as popular as tennis, but still has its own audience.

What you need to know about ping pong betting?

The game itself appeared a long time ago and has already managed to gain popularity all over the world. It can also be noted that table tennis has a number of well-established rules, but the rules of the match may vary somewhat depending on the event. For example, at the Olympic Games or World Championships, the regulations provide for a match for 7 sets (up to 4 wins), while at less status events it is customary to play a match for 5 sets (up to 3 wins, respectively).

So, here’s what you need to know about tennis betting when betting at bookmakers:

  • Ping pong is a single (sometimes doubles) sport. This means that the player, his physical form, psychological state, motivation and skill are of great importance.
  • Table tennis is a dynamic game, which is very difficult to predict in advance. The course of events can change in minutes. This is often used by betters playing live, who try to react to a change in the situation faster than bookmakers, while the odds have not yet been adjusted.
  • Unlike lawn tennis and volleyball, in ping pong the serve does not matter so much, as the players take turns every two serves. It all depends on the skills and abilities of specific players.
  • Top championships, athletes and ping pong experts are concentrated in Asia. This discipline is very popular there, including in BC. In Russia, table tennis is treated with great respect, but more on an amateur than a professional level. Therefore, to predict the upcoming event, the best option is to study the rating of players, personal meetings, statistics on the results of recent events.

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Table tennis betting

As for the rates themselves. Firstly, it should be noted that table tennis has not a very large list in Russian bookmakers. Somewhere more, somewhere less. To find a suitable bookmaker option, it is best to use the bookmaker rating on the BettinCafe information portal website, which contains only the most reliable and trusted bookmakers.

Secondly, the tactics of betting on ping-pong can be very different depending on the mode in which the user bets: in Prematch or Live.

 Ping-pong pre-match bets are not as relevant as live bets, but they also have a right to exist. Basically, this is a classic set of bets on the outcome, on the handicap and on the total.


Exodus is a classic with two possible outcomes of the event. As a rule, in the betting line it is written as P1 and P2. Some bookmakers offer to bet on the outcome of a particular game.

Handicap – with a significant advantage of one of the players, you can bet on the handicap. In ping pong, it is customary to bet on three types of odds:

Handicap on the outcome (according to the points scored);

Handicap by games (for example, up to 3.5);

Handicap in a specific game (also by points scored).

Total is one of the most popular bets in almost all sports. In table tennis, it is customary to bet on the following types of total:

Total total (total number of points per match);

Total total of games (total number of games played per match);

Total points in a particular game (the total number of points within the selected game);

Individual total (the total number of points of one player (pair) for a match or a specific game).

Before betting on the total, the better should definitely find out the rules of the event, which involves a certain number of parties – up to 5 or up to 7.

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