5 Takeaways from Heat’s Series Ending Win over Boston

The Miami Heat are going to the NBA finals, after beating the Celtics, 125-113, in game six. Bam Adebayo showcases his excellence in an outstanding performance. Here are my five takeaways…

#1: Jimmy Butler comes out firing.

Jimmy Butler had a game-plan heading into game six, when he didn’t even shoot around before the game since he “had it covered.” Well, he seemed to have it covered in the first quarter, when he continued to attack the basket and control the mid-range. He seemed fairly confident taking those jumpers, which is always important with Jimmy. This ultimately leads to getting the rest of the team going, since it opens up shooting. Miami’s shooting wasn’t looking good to start the game though, which led to Jimmy trying to play-make around the rim to cutters. When Jimmy is assertive like this, he’s hard to slow down.

#2: Bam Adebayo showcases first half paint presence on offense, but so did Boston.

Bam Adebayo was controlling the paint on offense early once again, drawing fouls due to his aggressiveness. But his ability to play above the rim was on full effect tonight. Although you’d think that would give Miami an early lead, Boston was getting busy down low as well, utilizing Daniel Theis, Enes Kanter, and Robert Williams. The zone defense seemed to be a bit of an issue, most likely since Boston’s preparation for it was starting to show. But ultimately, Bam mentioned he’d need to take initiative in game six, which he did. The offense was once again running through him, but shooting ultimately helps him even more. This team runs on the production of Bam Adebayo.

#3: Jae Crowder not having his best game shooting the ball, finds other ways to be impactful.

Jae Crowder came out in game six once again cold from beyond the arc. When you’d think that would his confidence, it does the complete opposite. It then forces him to be productive in other areas. Instead of just sitting around by the three point line, he cuts to the basket back door for layups and attacks the basket. And now to the defensive end, he is truly a disruption on each and every play. Contesting shots, battling for rebounds, active hands on help defense. It was all on display tonight. Even on his toughest of shooting nights, he finds ways to help this team win.

#4: Andre Iguodala is familiar with these moments, and he shows up once again.

Andre Iguodala is the true definition of not showing up in a stat sheet. Not a natural scorer, just a natural winner. Well, that’s wasn’t the case tonight, since he was playing like a natural scorer. It was evident veterans were going to need to step up in this game, but not many would’ve thought it’d be a big time shooting performance. During Miami’s most crucial stretch, he showed up big time. And once again that’s not even discussing the other things he does every single game. Facilitating, defending, play-making. But ultimately, the scoring shined through those things, since he’s very familiar with these big moments.

#5: The Miami Heat will be facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals.

The Miami Heat have earned themselves a trip to the NBA finals. The outstanding play in the fourth quarter from Bam Adebayo is the reason they are here. He further showed that he’s a proven winner. Big time baskets, huge passes, defensive stops, needed rebounds. It was all on display tonight. Tyler Herro also scored a couple of crucial baskets in the fourth, that got the team going. Now they will face a familiar face, LeBron James, in the NBA finals, four wins away from hoisting up the Larry O’Brien trophy.

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