5 Ways to Win in the Preakness Stakes

The 145th renewal of the Preakness Stakes will settle on October 3, 2020, at Pimlico Park, Maryland. The Stronach Group had found this final date after it faced a setback last May. Usually, the Preakness Stakes is the second part of the U.S. Triple Crown Series but will serve as the concluding event this year after the show’s schedule was rearranged. 


Last month, the first part of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, was over. After that, the Kentucky Derby will follow in September. Although schedule changes are happening in the Triple Crown show this year, surely it will return to its original placements next season when the COVID-19 pandemic is successfully contained. 


While the Preakness Stakes takes the last Triple Crown leg, it will not stop the horses from saddling up. Apart from that, it will feature a deserving Triple Crown winner if a racehorse is accomplished both in Derby and Belmont. As the Preakness Stakes settles in three months, here are five ways to bet and earn big in this horse racing tournament. 

Bet For Derby Winners

When you bet the Preakness Stakes online, consider the horses who handled the Derby well. The Run For The Roses precedes the Preakness Stakes, which has a longer racecourse. Do know that the Preakness Stakes has the shortest running-distance in all Triple Crown races, and Derby huge accomplishers may win without a hitch?


Today, the Derby is featuring twenty horses in the field led by Tiz The Law, the recently concluded Belmont Stakes winner. This colt has dominated significant stakes races before joining the Triple Crown race. If this horse continues to rule the Derby, he is the most deserving bet to win the Preakness Stakes and possibly the next Triple Crown titleholder. 

Don’t Forget Bob Baffert

Uncle Chuck, Cezanne, and Authentic are Bob Baffert’s entries to the Triple Crown this season. Earlier this year, he pulled-out Nadal as this racehorse had to face an early retirement due to a bone injury. Although Baffert is a bit disappointed because of Nadal’s exit, he aims for another Derby and Preakness titles from one of his entrants this year. 


Thus, when you wager for the upcoming Preakness Stakes, don’t hesitate to choose Baffert’s entry. Baffert is one of the most in-demand racehorse trainers who have won many significant Triple Crown races.  His recent Triple Crown achievement was through Justify in 2015. In 2019, he ranked in 9th place for the highest-earning horse racing trainers worldwide. 

Take A Risk On Exotic Bets 

While Straight Bets (Win, Place, Show) are the most popular betting categories you can wager in the Preakness Stakes, the Exotic bets can give you big payouts when you risk for this group. Remember that Exotic bets are harder to achieve and win because you have to guess the winners in the right order. You must scrutinize the racehorses based on their performance to pick the deserving Preakness Stakes winner. 


There is a bigger chance to win big when gambling for Exotic bets since the Preakness Stakes has the shortest racecourse. The horses who shine best during the Belmont Stakes and the Derby have higher chances of winning to predict right finish line positions for them. 

Shop For Excellent Odds 

Most of the betting games for the U.S. Triple Crown, including the Preakness Stakes, are done online. Since the Preakness Stakes this year is attended by well-accomplished racehorses, the fans can expect impressive odds value. It is why most trusted bookies are creating betting lines where you can gain huge payouts.


When betting for the Preakness Stakes, make sure to shop for many bookmakers. Remember that their odds differ, and you have to gamble for the best one.  Lastly, take advantage of their bonuses to increase your chances of earning more. 

Gamble On All Possible Chances

There is no harm when you wager within your comfort zone, but it’s good to resist all the betting games you’d like to play. It not only gets you tied with one category but will also help you maximize your chances of winning. 


By doing this, you can gamble one or two categories in the Straight and Exotic bets. There are also less popular betting options that might happen in the Preakness Stakes, and if you find this profitable, you might also consider wagering for these categories. 



With the Preakness Stakes culminating the Triple Crown show this season, the tournament will surely come more thrilling. The fans can see how the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby hopefuls will end their Triple Crown journey this year. 


Besides, these horses were accomplishers in many stakes races, which they can undeniably ace the game anytime. Thus, if you plan to wager in the Preakness Stakes, the tips shown above can secure a profitable bankroll

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