Bam Vs Zion: The League’s Future is Bright

The Miami Heat are set to face off against the New Orleans Pelicans tonight in their first preseason game, as well as on Christmas Day. Although there is uncertainty of who will actually be playing tonight, both of these teams have one intriguing headliner for the future.

Bam Adebayo is coming off an incredible bubble run, but more importantly an all star appearance at 23 years of age. As much as people around the Heat have realized his nickname, “No ceiling,” seems to be fitting, it is now apparent that others around the league are beginning to take notice.

Zion Williamson, on the other hand, has had a prety different route than Bam had coming in. The hype around him coming in was well deserved, due to his talent level at the high school and collegiate level. And even had an impressive rookie season, although he missed quite a few games.

These two players paths are clearly different, but it seems their endpoint is similar. The reason certain players are appointed special is when they have one certain quality that depicts them from others.

But with Bam and Zion, there is multiple special qualities that each of them have.

Aside from the basketball talent, they both have that certain personality trait that just makes them likable figures around the league. And when you have that plus the talent, it’s clear that the future is bright.

Once again, it is a bit uncertain of who will be taking the floor tonight, which means we may not see this match-up. But don’t worry, since this will be a battle that the NBA will headline for a very long time, since the trajectory of both at such a young age is unmatched.

Duke vs Kentucky

1st pick vs 14th pick

Showtime scorer vs dirty work defender

The league has something special with these two emerging players.

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