Could De’Aaron Fox Take His Talents To South Beach?

Another player has emerged into some talks about possibly joining the Miami Heat in the near future, and his name is De’Aaron Fox.

The plan has continually been to go after Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021 free agency, but it’s never a bad idea to have a back-up plan.

It honestly seems to be the best possible fit you can think of.

Kentucky Wildcat, defensive oriented, emerging player, relationship with Bam Adebayo.

All of these things will play a part in this possibly happening, but how would this fit look exactly?

Around that time, Miami will officially be searching for that Goran Dragic replacement. Some hope that Tyler Herro can become the starting point guard of the Miami Heat eventually, which could still possibly happen, but doesn’t it seem ideal to have De’Aaron as the starting point guard instead?

The answer is yes. As mentioned previously he’s a guy that you can trust to guard opposing point guards, which is what Miami is looking for.

And that’s not the only thing that he brings, since he’s a player that you can trust to run your offense and get guys in the right spots. He has continued to become a better passer year after year, averaging seven assists a game this past season.

Miami wouldn’t mind to have a guy with that pacing run the offense, since I don’t think there’s anybody faster than him with the ball in their hands. That’s the type of guy that not only Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra would want to have, but especially Jimmy Butler.

The relationship with Bam Adebayo could potentially play a part as well, since De’Aaron has continued to be very supportive of Bam and the Miami Heat during their playoff run.

Obviously right now Miami is focused on what they have at hand for this upcoming season, but I’m 100% certain this De’Aaron Fox idea will continue to heat up as we get closer to that 2021 free agency.

It may be considered a back-up plan, but it should be considered the perfect fit.

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