Kentucky Wildcats All Over Miami Heat’s Draft Board Once Again

It’s absolutely no surprise that Miami will be giving a Kentucky guy a look with the 20th pick. But this year, they have multiple Kentucky options.

For starters, there is optimism that Tyrese Maxey could potentially fall to Miami at 20, but ultimately there’s a good chance somebody grabs him earlier.

I’ve discussed why Tyrese Maxey makes sense for this Heat team, mostly due to the fact that he’s a talented two-way player.

Tyrese had a Pro Day on ESPN 2 on Thursday night, which Coach John Calipari spoke about him possibly getting overlooked like past Kentucky players. I think other teams recognize that, and if they do make yet another draft mistake, Pat Riley will be waiting to make that selection.

Greg Sylvander reported that the Miami Heat interviewed another Kentucky guard Immanuel Quickley.

His offensive package actually reminds me a lot of Tyler Herro’s game. Many have talked about his ability to play off the ball as a catch and shoot guy, like they said about Herro, but ultimately I believe he will emerge into more than that. He showed this past season that he’s pretty comfortable shooting shots off the dribble.

It would be an interesting back-court in Miami for the future. If they were to make this selection, it would definitely mean that they plan on making Tyler Herro the team’s point guard going forward, since ball-handling isn’t Quickley’s best attribute.

He also is another player who can be trusted on the defensive side of the ball. That hasn’t always been the case for Immanuel Quickley, but he really grew on that side of the ball this past season which showcases his work ethic.

He also has a close relationship with Tyler Herro, since they played together in college. He clearly fits the mold of a guy that Miami will consider in this draft.

Another name that I believe could get a look is Ashton Hagans. And what do you know, another Kentucky Wildcat.

His game definitely differs from Immanuel Quickley’s game, but they still both could fit this Heat team.

Hagans is a true point guard, who has good size and an outstanding ability to pass the ball. His shooting definitely isn’t his best attribute like Quickley, but he still has a pretty decent jumper that is evolving. He also has a great ability to get to the basket, and is most comfortable when he gets in transition.

His defense has also shown to be pretty dominant at Kentucky, but mostly off the ball when going for steals and things of that nature.

All three of these guys are 6’3 guards coming out of Kentucky the same year. Although those similarities are clear, they all have their own strengths that can all help this team right now.

If there was ever a year for Miami to draft a Kentucky Wildcat, it would be this year with all of these intriguing options.

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