All Eyes of the Football World on Tua After Horrific Injury

Terrible news out of college football Saturday as Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a serious injury against Mississippi State.


This is a similar injury to the one suffered by Bo Jackson which due to related complications ended his athletic career.

Alabama was leading 35-7 and Tua was set to lead the two-minute offense right before halftime.

Starters will typically finish the first half even in a game of this margin, Tua being on the field at that point in the game is not an unusual circumstance.

Yet reaction to how Nick Saban kept Tagovailoa in the game seems unfavorable.


Tua just returned from ankle surgery and gutted out a tough performance against Joe Burrow and LSU.

On a razor thin recovery timetable.

Hopefully this transcendent athlete can make a full recovery from this latest setback.

His injury shifts the college and NFL landscapes significantly, which seems insignificant at the moment.

Yet the business of collegiate athletics continues to profit, Nick Saban makes millions of dollars a year.

While Tua’s professional football future and the financial positioning of his early career is possibly altered.

With only a few months until the NFL Draft the injury to Tagovailoa will certainly shift speculation on his draft position.

Fans of the Miami Dolphins are certainly watching this story closely.


Tua is the kind of player the organization has been searching for to fill the two decade void at quarterback.

Now Miami Dolphins fans must wait and hope for the best, and if Tua is who we hope him to be.

Then, perhaps this story has a triumphant turn.

All we can do now is wait.

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