How to Get Better in Poker at Online Casinos

Poker is one of those crypto casino games, where you can win big if you have the skills and the right strategy in place. Whether it be 2D poker or video poker, this article is aimed at helping you get better at the game by providing you with all the essential tips and tricks. 


Start With Micro Stakes

When we use the term “micro stake”, we refer to placing bets which are of a low value. This can be anywhere from 1 cent to up to 1 Dollar or 0.000015 BTC. The lowest bet limit can change from operator to operator, and game to game. Irrespective of your chosen operator or game, be sure to start with the lowest stake possible. 


The reasoning for this is simple enough, if you are new to something, it is always better to take baby steps. Additionally, if you are struggling during high stakes games, playing with Micro stakes can help you regain your confidence and improve on your mistakes. 


Choose Your Hands Carefully

If you are new, then you would be wanting to play every hand on offer and get into the thick of the action. More often than not though, you might be behind on the flop and you’ll be wasting money on a bad hand. If you can be clever about the hands that you choose, you are already off to a great start. 


Aggressive Plays Can Help You Win More

If you have a solid hand, do not hesitate to be aggressive. When the opportunity presents itself, be aggressive and try to force players out. When you are playing against inexperienced players, you can even be aggressive while having small pairs, and these players are more likely to fold. 



There is a fine line between good bluffs and bluffs that’ll most likely result in heavy losses. The best players bluff and they do it effectively enough to force players out who may as well be having better hands. With that being said, don’t over do it, as you wouldn’t want to sacrifice chips by playing marginal hands and among a group that doesn’t follow your plays.


Don’t Hesitate to Fold

Perhaps the first lesson any new online poker player needs to learn is when to fold. Poker is a fast paced game, so if you have a weak hand, it’s better to fold and wait for the next round. Even at times when you have a good hand, it can be a useful strategy to fold when you see signs that another player at the table has you beat. 


Never Bet More Than You Can Afford To Lose

The best part of playing at online crypto casinos is that you can gamble with small stakes, as low 0.10cent or even less. If you are in it to just have fun, try to wager smaller amounts. Once you are confident about your game and thorough with the rules and the platform itself, then you can slowly move onto higher stakes games. 


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