How to Win on the Pinup Aviator App

Enjoy a variety of smartphone gambling in India by installing the Pin Up app. The application offers not only slots, but also exciting crash games. For example, you can install Pin Up Aviator apk. Playing it, there is a real possibility of winning a cash prize. However, good chances are provided only to those who follow the recommendations for playing Aviator, using strategies to beat the game.

Pin Up Aviator Ground Rules

To have a good chance of winning, study how the gameplay goes. The round starts with the user placing a bet. After the right amount is bet, the flight of the aircraft is launched. The player can stop the round at any time by clicking on the keshout button. In this case, the winnings equal to the multiplication of the bet by the available multiplier will be issued. If you do not have time to make a keshout, the multiplier is cancelled.

The minimum multiplier is equal to x1.01. The maximum multiplier can grow to x1000000. The return rate is 97%, which guarantees a good chance of increasing the bank after launching the Pin-Up Aviator app.

Demo Version in the Pin Up Aviator App

To start playing for money as efficiently as possible, try betting in demo mode. The rounds launched in the demo version exclude financial risks, because virtual currency is bet on flights.

Playing in demo mode after installing Aviator Pin-Up apk is recommended for those who want to try out winning tactics. It is in the demo version you can check which strategies work most effectively. Demo mode is also optimal for those who want to better understand the rules of the crash game.

Recommendations for Playing The Pin Up Aviator Programme

When starting to play a crash game, do not spend the entire available bankroll on a single bet. It is better to divide the bankroll into several rounds. This will prevent serious financial losses per round. Play the crash game when you are in a good mood. When betting under stress, it is very easy to lose control and go beyond the limits of your bankroll.

Take advantage of the bonuses provided in the application to save money made when creating a deposit. For example, the programme offers a starting bonus for the first payment.

Do not forget to use the online chat provided in the crash game. Chat with experienced users to learn from them about effective winning tactics, recommendations on bankroll management, and other important tips.

Track the statistics that the game collects automatically. This will allow you to determine at which multipliers the flight is most often completed. In addition, statistics makes it possible to understand what amounts are best to bet on a round. You can track both your own and other people’s statistics.

Strategies for Beating the Aviator Crash Game

You can increase the chances of a successful gaming session by applying special tactics. One of them is the Martingale system. According to it, you should start the session with the minimum bet. Try to make a cashout on a multiplier x2. If the round was a loser, increase the amount bet by x2 times. Using this strategy allows you to compensate for all the financial losses incurred by a single payment.

The Fibonacci tactic looks interesting. It provides for the application of the corresponding mathematical sequence, where each bet corresponds to a certain member of the series. The first 2 rounds are held on the minimum amount. For each next flight a bet is made, calculated by adding the 2 previous members of the row.

Strategies differ in terms of the risks they involve. For example, the minimum risk tactic is suitable for beginners, as well as those who have a small bank. The strategy is good because it gives you the opportunity to receive payouts in almost every round. Using the system, stop the flight at a multiplier of x1.3-1.6. The strategy of moderate risk requires making a cashout at a multiplier of x8-x12. The tactic is versatile and periodically gives good wins. If you are ready to take a serious risk, use the maximum risk strategy. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Open the history of rounds.
  2. Determine how long ago the game gave a x100 multiplier prize.
  3. Count 1 hour from the appropriate time.
  4. Start the round.
  5. Cashout at x100 odds.

The tactic can bring a huge prize, is based on the fact that, according to statistics, the crash game gives a payout by multiplier x100 once every 1-2 hours. Other interesting strategies include Antimartingale. This tactic is the opposite of the Martingale system described above and requires you to increase the bet after each win.

Using Additional Tools to Win at Pin Up Aviator

You can further increase your chances of winning after Pin-Up Aviator apk download by using special tools. These include predictors, signals.


This tool is designed to predict at which multiplier the next round will end. Find predictors on messengers that are available in India. Subscribe to a dedicated bot on, for example, Telegram to receive useful predictions.

Keep in mind that no predictor guarantees a win. There is always a risk of losing. For this reason, when using special tools, it is important not to forget about proper bankroll management.


Signals are information that alert players to the best times to place a bet. By tracking such data, it is possible to launch rounds exactly when the probability of getting a big prize is maximised. Signals are available in messenger channels. Become a follower of one of the relevant publishers to receive push notifications later.

Pin Up Aviator download and start using game tips, effective tactics to get paid frequently. Remember that there is no such strategy that gives you a 100% chance of winning.

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