Is it Lewis Brinson Time Yet?

Lewis Brinson was known as the prized acquisition in the five player trade between the Marlins and the Brewers that sent Christian Yelich to Milwaukee. Unfortunately, Brinson has not had the success the Marlins and their fans were hoping for when they acquired the former Top 100 prospect.

In 505 career major league at bats, Brinson is batting for a .190 average with 13 home runs, 49 RBIs, 26 walks, and a horrendous 165 strikeouts. His poor discipline at the plate early on in the 2019 season was enough for the Marlins to decide it was time for Brinson to reinvent himself in the minors. After 27 games, he was demoted to Triple-A New Orleans.

Since his demotion, Brinson is on a tear. In 51 games since going to New Orleans, he is batting .294 with 12 home runs and 46 RBIs and with a much better strikeout to walk ratio at 64 to 23. He has a much better approach at the plate as well as a new stance to help him make more contact against the breaking ball. (Picture of new stance via @PastyA_)

This demotion has definitely been good for Brinson. Helps build up his confidence and work on his mental approach as well as his plate approach in a stress reduced environment. He has made huge strides and it is in fact time for Brinson to get another shot in the bigs.

Why wouldn’t the Marlins call up Brinson when they have no true center fielder? Currently holding down center is JT Riddle who has been a shortstop his entire career. While he has been able to hold it down, it would still be better to have a true center fielder instead of a platoon between JT Riddle, Curtis Granderson, and Harold Ramirez. 

Granderson shouldn’t be on the field in my opinion, he is better served as strictly a bench bat. Harold Ramirez should strictly be a  corner outfielder. It’s time for Sweet Lew to hold down center field. He is faster and has a better glove than any of the three players mentioned above. Not to mention he just went deep again today for New Orleans, and it was a bomb. (via @DuseReport)


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