Jimmy Butler: “I Don’t Give A Damn”

Jimmy Butler spoke with media this afternoon, which was headlined by the usual “I’m just here to win.”

He began speaking about Bam Adebayo’s improved mid-range jumper in yesterday’s game, saying “He can shoot the three too.”

That statement clearly gets many Heat fans going, but a lot of the time it’s a confidence thing with Jimmy Butler. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean it, since he does, but instilling confidence in your young centerpiece is always good to do. He followed that up saying he wants Bam to “shoot 50 of them.”

He also got into the overall improvements that Bam is looking to make, saying, “I know that he’s better than he was last year…Bam is just gonna be Bam.” That always seems to be his opinion when speaking about him, since he knows what Bam is capable of.

Jimmy was then asked about the continued doubt that this team endured, saying, “I would like to think we have some decent players on this team…I don’t give a damn, Bam is learning he better not give a damn either.”

Finally, he got asked if he was surprised about the extension of Giannis Antetokounmpo. He replied, “Nope.”

He got into the fact that he’s excited to battle with him in the future, saying, “You can’t go around him. You can’t go around LeBron either. You have to go right through them.”

He began mentioning all of the teams in the East, such as the 76ers, Raptors, and Celtics, saying they have to go right through them as well.

Jimmy isn’t avoiding any type of match-up. Instead he’s just going to go out there and win basketball games.


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