5 Main Comments from Media Session with Spoelstra, Herro, Olynyk

The Miami Heat are coming off a big game three win over the Indiana Pacers, as they prepare to try and sweep the Pacers tomorrow. Erik Spoelstra talked with some media about these past few playoff games, while Tyler Herro discussed some of their defensive issues. Here’s what was said…

Comment #1:

Erik Spoelstra talked about the recent success of his veteran Goran Dragic on the offensive side of the ball. He said, “If he shot 8 to 10 three-pointers a game, his coach would love it.” The same goes for Duncan Robinson. Spoelstra, Jimmy, and Bam have continually talked about wanting their shooters, including Duncan Robinson, Goran Dragic, and Tyler Herro, to shoot as much as possible. Spo also praised Goran’s work ethic when he mentioned the first playoff series against Charlotte a few years back, saying “their strategy was to go under on him…He’s put in such diligent work off the catch, not just the dribble.” Goran has been a much better shooter off the catch and shoot this season, since he’s never played this role before. This leads into Spo’s comment on his leadership, saying “I just think he’s gotten a lot more comfortable with his stature, not only within the league but within this organization.”

Comment #2:

Erik Spoelstra also took some time to reflect beack on the late great Kobe Bryant, since today would have been his 42nd birthday. Spo said, “I imagine Kobe Bryant would have figured out a way to have his own gym time at 5am…when everyone else was sleeping.” This was something that the Heat always took note of, since their star Dwyane Wade got his work ethic from Kobe as well, since he was the one he was chasing. Spo also mentions that “It’s just tragic seeing a lot of the stuff on the news today. I still can’t believe that this happened.” It still seems a bit surreal for everybody, since he was such a mentor in not only basketball, but in life.

Comment #3:

Tyler Herro discussed the way that Indiana has attacked him on defense through isolation. Tyler said, “It’s no secret who they’re going at, they’re going at me and Duncan.” It seemed as if Malcolm Brogdon was having a field day yesterday on offense, when he saw Tyler Herro matched up with him and no help defense around. After a couple late buckets from Brogdon, Jae Crowder was consequently subbed into the game for defensive purposes, and was the main reason that they came away with the win. Tyler also adds, “That’s something I’m not going to run from.” Although this was a problem yesterday, Tyler has shown some major defensive improvements in the bubble, mostly through his IQ on help defense. While the one on one stuff still seems to be an issue, Spo mentions that “They both really work at it, study it, and that why they improve. I love their approach.”

Comment #4:

Kelly Olynyk mentioned his role of being Miami’s single big, and consequently “doing Bam’s job.” Kelly said, “You’ve got to set screens, make sure the offense is flowing, moving side to side.” This is something that he’s continued to do in the bubble off the bench, which is why he made the cut for the 9 man rotation. And not only does he have to do Bam’s job, but he has to take the role as the spacer who can hurt the defense from beyond the arc. Kelly also mentioned that since Miami’s running smaller lineups, “you’ve got to rebound.” This is something Kelly put on display yesterday, when he grabbed 9 rebounds in only 13 minutes. Kelly ended with, “I’ve got to make sure I’m contributing.”

Comment #5:

Jae Crowder has clearly shown some major improvements in his three point shooting since joining the Heat. Kelly Olynyk spoke about Jae’s shooting compared to Boston, saying “I was looking at his shot the other day, and it’s really pretty…One thing you don’t want to do is ask what he’s doing, so he will think about it.” The reason you don’t want Jae to think about it is because he’s shooting with the utmost amount of confidence. This is mostly due to Spo’s confidence in him, when he would tell Jae to shoot them contested. Kelly also got asked if he has tried Jimmy Butler’s coffee, which he responded “No, I’m not a coffee drinker. But if he comes with some Jimmy Butler spicy tuna rolls, I’ll be right on it.”

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