Josh Rosen discusses overcoming the negative perception about him during his introductory news conference with the Miami Dolphins. (Craig Davis)

Josh Rosen striving to erase bad rep, show he’s a good teammate

DAVIE – New Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen came out of college with the reputation of having a big arm and a mouth to match.

Rosen said Monday that he has made an effort to prove that he is a good teammate, and that is on his mind as he starts fresh with another team.

“I think I had a little bit of a bad perception at first, but what I’ve tried to do is not really say do anything extra, just kind of be me and continue on and keep my head down, and eventually the story will straighten out,” he said. “I think it has for the most part.”

You bet Rosen has a monster chip on his shoulder

There were reports while he was at UCLA that he was disliked by teammates. He is a complex personality and didn’t shy away from expressing controversial opinions, including criticizing Donald Trump and the NCAA.

“I was thrown into the spotlight pretty quickly at UCLA. I was pretty young, so I didn’t really have all of my answers as perfectly crafted as I do now,” he said with a grin. “I just kind of said some things kind of off the cuff about all different kinds of things and people kind of misconstrued them in certain different ways. “

Rosen said it is important to him to earn the trust of teammates and that he intends to do that by trying to “be consistent, be thee came guy, have the same kind of energy every time I step into the locker room and the facility so that all of my teammate know what guy they’re getting.

“So I think time and consistency is the best medicine to cure the narrative. … Over the test of time and being consistent and trying to be a really good teammate, I think the narrative is starting to straighten out a little bit.”




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