Jrue Holiday Being Discussed in Trade Talks, Miami Will Be Listening

It was reported by Shams of the Athletic this morning that the New Orleans Pelicans are discussing Jrue Holiday in trade talks, which several contending teams are pursuing.

I mentioned what Miami would most likely need to give up to get Jrue Holiday in a past article, which would probably have to be Duncan Robinson. It also comes down to who Miami values more, Duncan or KZ Okpala. I believe they may have a chance to get something done without Duncan if they throw in KZ, but it’s their decision to make.

Tyler Herro would not be considered in a trade for Jrue, for many reasons I’ve mentioned in the past. When Giannis Antetokounmpo is getting discussed, that’s clearly a different story.

I truly believe that Jrue Holiday is the best possible fit for this Heat team right now. Of course a big seems to be the ideal pick-up, but you can get a solid back-up big in free agency. Talented two-way players like Jrue are hard to come by, especially one that already has a Heat culture to him, and is respected by Jimmy Butler.

This Heat team currently has assets, but they also have options. But I don’t think there’s many better options than Jrue Holiday.

These talks will continue to get some traction the closer we get to next season, and I know Pat Riley and others will have their eyes on that situation in New Orleans.

(Also check out an episode of Five on the Floor where they discuss Jrue Holiday here)

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