Could Miami Take A Chance on Josh Jackson?

Josh Jackson is another one of those young prospects who have yet to truly prove themselves, but are searching for that one opportunity.

Not many teams need a player like Josh Jackson due to the fact that he’s a liability on offense, but Miami seems like they could take a chance on him.

For starters, there’s a chance that Derrick Jones Jr could walk in free agency this off-season, and Josh seems like he could be the type of player to replicate some of the things he did.

He could be used as a spark for certain stretches when they’re having trouble defensively, since he’s fairly capable of guarding opposing wings and guards.

And I actually believe some of his offensive limitations could be opened up. He seems to be most comfortable when working downhill on the break, and has shown to be a pretty decent passer. Obviously the shooting just isn’t there, but once again I don’t believe it entirely needs to be when you have Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro.

There is still a lot of uncertainty as well with the exact numbers in this situation on both sides. But Josh Jackson definitely should be in their money range.

All he needs is one opportunity to prove that he is a valuable role player in this league, and all Miami needs is a guy that will accept his role and can help them out defensively.

People have mentioned that it would be in his best interest to join a team with a strong culture and established veterans. And well, I don’t know a better place than Miami.

He definitely won’t be the first person on their list, since they have some guys to re-sign and other needs, but it definitely could happen.

If the numbers were to work out perfectly for both sides, I could see it happening since he can fill the role of Derrick Jones Jr and possibly Soloman Hill, if he was to walk as well.

Miami usually leans towards players who have a chip on their shoulders with something to prove, and that’s exactly what Josh Jackson has.

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