Latest 3 Yards Per Carry: Thrones, Howard, Twitter Q&A

Three Yards Per Carry: episode 2.74

Simon Clancy, Chris Kouffman and Alf Arteaga dove into season eight of Game of Thrones, Xavien Howard’s record breaking contract extension and answered some Twitter questions in Monday’s episode of 3 Yards Per Carry.

The guys kicked off the podcast with a fiery debate about Game of Thrones’ latest episode and season eight, in general. The guys have been supporters of the controversial season despite backlash from fans. Chris had trouble with how Daenerys became the Mad Queen, citing the bell-tower scene where her emotions boiled into madness and the burning of Kings Landing didn’t seem satisfying enough. Despite this, Simon was fascinated with the symbolism of the final scene regarding Arya and the white horse. He believes Arya is death, and the scene is foreshadowing a final showdown between her and Dany. Expectations are high for the final episode of the series, with predictions from the guys varying from Jon Snow returning north of the wall to Bran sitting on the Throne. The guys finish the segment with a few NFL and Game of Thrones comparisons: Arya is Bill Belichick, Dany is Urban Meyer, Tyrion is Adam Gase and Cersei is Nick Saban.

The guy’s shifted gears to the Dolphins and Xavien Howard’s recently signed five-year, $75,250,000 contract. All were in agreement that the deal for the first-team All Pro cornerback was a good deal for Miami. His trajectory continues rising and if he can stay healthy, the deal could be well worth the cost in the coming years. Chris goes into Brian Flores’ coaching tactics in New England and how he can bring his matchup heavy defense to Miami with Howard as a focal point at corner.

From Howard to mail time, the guys went straight into Twitter and took questions from fans about the Dolphins future, the coaching staff and what they’re most excited about this season. Minkah Fitzpatrick, recently drafted Christian Wilkins and Howard were seen by the guys as the only locks on the defense that Miami can build around long-term. Bobby McCain was a fourth player mentioned by Alf who could flourish in a Flores’ system and could be used down the line.

The guys dove into Dave DeGuglielmo and his return to the Dolphins’ coaching staff as an offensive line analyst, where he’ll assist offensive line coach Pat Flaherty. They agreed it was a good addition to the staff, and his presence could only help Miami moving forward. They shifted to the skill positions and debated just how good this Dolphins’ wide receiving corp could become under the new offense. Albert Wilson seems like the guy with the highest ceiling for a breakout season, while DeVante Parker is given another chance to prove that he can compete at the high level he’s expected. With a rebuild brewing, the guys agreed that this offseason has them most excited for next season with a potential top-pick, around $100 million in cap space, and two picks in every round, except the first round, of next year’s draft coming Miami’s way in 2020.  

To listen to Monday’s episode, check out the link below.

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