Josh Rosen discusses overcoming the negative perception about him during his introductory news conference with the Miami Dolphins. (Craig Davis)

All Hail the Hebrew Hammer… or Chosen Rosen

A new era of Miami Dolphins football starts Tuesday in Davie.


That doesn’t stand for Post Traumatic, though it could.

It stands for Post Tannehill.

Ryan is in Tennessee, failing to feel pressure in the pocket, and a new sheriff is in town.

A sheriff who may celebrate the Sabbath.

Tuesday, the media will get their first close-up look at Josh Rosen in a Dolphins uniform, and we will have full coverage from camp. Hopefully, he will not express his concern for protecting the environment, for fear of angering a Dolphins beat writer.

Rosen is the strong favorite to be the starter this season, because he cost the Dolphins a second-round pick and because it doesn’t make much sense to start a 37-year-old like Ryan Fitzpatrick who might go on one of his weird hot streaks that cost draft spots. His new coach, Brian Flores, has welcomed him with some carefully crafted words, speaking last week about how he wants players to “want to know the why,” a trait that has been attributed to Rosen by many as a negative.

Also, Rosen has the best nickname on the team, better than even FitzMagic.

Or Chosen Rosen.

Well, it’s not really his nickname — it’s Ryan Braun’s — but who cares?

Let our Chris Joseph of Ballscast introduce it.

Tuesday, at last, it’s Hammer Time.

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