Logan Paul Goes the Distance with Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul is one of the biggest Youtubers’ on the platform with 23 million subscribers. In 2018, Paul fought in his first ever boxing match against fellow youtuber, KSI. After a tie in that match, they fought again in 2020 and Paul barely lost by split decision.

On the other side of the ring was Floyd Mayweather. He is arguably THE BEST boxer of all time. He is a lightweight fighter who was 50-0 in his professional career, winning by KO 27 times. Along with being a huge fighter, Mayweather is a very large social media influence, racking up 23 million followers on Instagram. Mayweather is one of the richest athletes on earth, and shows off his wealth whenever possible.


Although Logan Paul was the bigger man, weighing 34.5 pounds more, and 6 inches more than Mayweather, he was also much less experienced in comparison. While Mayweather had been a professional fighter for just over 20 years and Paul had only fought for 3.

In the end, Logan Paul, the underdog, ended up going the distance with Mayweather in this exhibition bout. Even though many felt that Mayweather won the fight, Logan Paul survived 24 minutes with the obviously better fighter. Paul was also very aggressive the whole time, and was able to hit Mayweather many times. In my book, this is a win for both fighters as Mayweather made A LOT of what he loves most, money, and Logan Paul exceeded everybody’s expectations.

photos by Jim Rodriguez of Five Reasons to Bet (@JRodShow)
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