Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa set to wear No. 1 as new era begins

We finally have an idea as to what number new Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is going to wear. According to  the team, Tagovailoa is set to wear number one for Miami.

Cam Newton, Kyler Murray, and Warren Moon are some of the more recent quarterbacks to have worn the number.

Let us not forget that Randall Cunningham also wore this number towards the end of his career. He had quite an impressive career of his own.


The bottom line is, the number one carries a lot of weight. The exclusivity of the number itself means that  the Miami Dolphins are putting their trust in Tua.

In total, there have been 110 players who have worn number one. That certainly makes Tagovailoa’s jersey number even more special.

Tagovailoa war number 13 while at Alabama.  There was a debate in social circles whether or not the dolphins would  unretire Dan Marino’s number. However,  this announcement puts that debate to rest.

The Miami Dolphins are entering a new era

The Miami Dolphins are looking to enter a new era of football. The organization has received an overhaul this offseason. Tagovailoa is a big  part of this overhaul. He has certainly brought energy to the organization as the Miami Dolphins look to rise back to the top of the AFC East.

With this jersey number for the rookie, the Dolphins are making a statement. They believe Tua is the future of the organization. With the New England Patriots undergoing a rebuild in the post-Tom Brady era, the entire AFC East now has a chance to compete.

More so than any other team in the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills will undoubtedly be a thorn in the side of the Miami Dolphins for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, wearing number one, Tagovailoa will help bring the organization back to respectability and help them land a spot in the playoffs.

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