Moe Harkless: “It’s A Brotherhood”

Moe Harkless spoke with media on Thursday afternoon following training camp, after having the day off on Wednesday.

When asked about being a part of a Miami Heat training camp compared to others, he said, “It’s probably a little bit better than expected. The guys really put their heart and soul into it.”

But when asked a follow up about the exact grittiness in Miami’s camp, he added, “People exaggerate a bit.”

He then talked about the chemistry of this Heat team, saying “I have to give credit to what they’ve created here. It’s a brotherhood.”

He also mentioned that many of the guys have embraced him, which was clear since both Goran Dragic and Duncan Robinson said that they fit right in. Erik Spoelstra discussed that earlier in the week, which he said that they’re the type of players who fit in anywhere.

Moe then got into detail about Pat Riley, saying that he called his mom following the first meeting and told her he reminded him of the Godfather. He added that Pat’s door is always open, and that he doesn’t say much but when he does people listen.

Another person that Moe mentioned is important to listen to is Jimmy Butler, saying that he is the “head of the snake.”

He ended off his session talking about the unique bond of this team, mentioning that it’s all serious when they’re on the floor, but off the floor it is all laughing and smiling. He said, “Kind of like a family.”

Duncan Robinson and Goran Dragic each had quick media sessions, but one thing stood out in each.

Goran said that his “foot is fine,” and that he feels great. He mentioned that coaches have urged him to take some reps off to pace him a bit, but today was the first day of 5 on 5.

Duncan briefly mentioned the development of his game, saying that using one or two dribbles into a mid-range can “diversify” his game, which is something I’ve been saying all off-season.

The mutual takeaway from all of today’s zoom calls is the word chemistry, since every player believes it is important with this current Heat team.

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