Tyler Herro: “Championship is Our Only Goal”

Tyler Herro got to speak with media on Wednesday afternoon, which he discussed both himself, and the rest of the team.

When discussing his improvements, he started off by saying, “I’m really just working on getting my handles tighter to be that primary ball-handler if needed.”

He also discussed the obvious defensive improvements that will need to be made, which he mentioned that is something he’s been working on.

When he was asked about his role for this upcoming season, he said “Everybody’s goal is to start….But whatever coach wants me to do I’m willing to do.” He reiterated that he was utilized in both roles in his rookie year, and he’s “ready to take it on” no matter the situation.

Tyler also began discussing a bunch of his teammates that have had an impact on him. When asked about Bam Adebayo he said, “I’m excited that Bam got his max. There’s nobody more deserving than him.”

He also gave some high praise for Duncan Robinson, saying “He’s really one of the best shooters in the world.”

The veterans on the team clearly had an impact on him as well, and he believes he still has much more to learn. He said, “I’m still 20. We still have amazing vets and I’m still young.”

Jimmy Butler took Tyler under his wing for his rookie season, and he even invited Tyler to go on vacation with him this off-season. Tyler mentioned that he declined since he told him “you need to go by yourself and enjoy it.”

And speaking of taking guys under their wing, Precious Achiuwa obviously got brought up. He immediately said that he doesn’t believe he’s taking him under his wing, which makes sense since Tyler is younger than Precious.

He did make sure to talk about all of Precious Achiuwa’s strengths, which he included “Miami’s going to fall in love with him.”

Tyler made sure to end it off with the primary focus of this team, saying “At the end of the day, the championship is our only goal.”

And if a bunch of Miami’s young guys make the leaps that many are expecting, that clearly is a valid goal.

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