NBA Eastern Conference Finals MVP Odds

The Eastern Conference Finals between the (2) Boston Celtics and the (1) Miami Heat have been blowouts throughout the first four games of the series. The series is tied at two games apiece. This series will either end in Game 6 or in Game 7. It feels like it will go to distance.


NBA lines have been changing on a constant basis throughout this series. This is how it works most of the time in Vegas. Speaking of odds changing, what are the odds for the Eastern Conference Finals MVP, for the first time ever?


Jayson Tatum -120


Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics is the favorite on BetUs to win the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals MVP. When Boston has won their games not only in this series but in the postseason, it feels like he has exploded for 30 or more points in those games. Tatum was just named to the first-team ALL NBA for the 2021-2022 NBA regular season. 


Jayson Tatum has taken his game to another level this season. Tatum can’t just be just good for Boston in order to win. He has to play sensational in order for them to win because he is their number one option currently.


There is a reason why he is the favorite to win it. Vegas feels like the Boston Celtics are going to win this series over the Miami Heat because of Jayson Tatum’s play.


Jimmy Butler +175


Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat has the second-best odds, according to BetUs, to win the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals MVP. Butler has been by far Miami’s best player in this series and throughout the NBA Playoffs. They would be lost without his play and his valuable leadership.


Jimmy Butler had at least one game in this series by scoring over 40 points. Back in Game 3, Miami had a big lead with Butler on the floor before he got hurt. When he exited the basketball game, the team almost collapsed. That would have been really bad, but they showed they don’t have the depth when Jimmy Butler leaves the floor.


If Butler leads them to the NBA Finals, this would be the second time in three years the Miami Heat will be in the NBA Finals. They lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in six games back in the 2020 NBA Finals in the bubble in Orlando, Florida.


Jaylen Brown +800


Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics has the third-best odds to win the 2022 NBA Eastern Conference Finals MVP. He has been solid for Boston. When Brown is their best player, they appear to lose because Jayson Tatum doesn’t play well.


Jaylen Brown has to be the number two option for this basketball team in order for them to succeed. That is not a bad thing at all because that means they are winning basketball games. Brown is talented enough to be the best player in the next two-of-three games for Boston and win the award.


However, if it is Jaylen Brown playing well and Jayson Tatum isn’t the odds are that the Boston Celtics are not going to the NBA Finals and the Miami Heat are though.


Bam Adebayo +1000


Bam Adebayo has the fourth-best odds to be the Eastern Conference Finals MVP. He has been inconsistent for the Miami Heat, but Adebayo has been by far their second-best player. When he is on his game, he is on. Adebayo has played much better at home in this series, it feels like, than he has been on the road.


Bam Adebayo is one of the better big men in the NBA. If Jimmy Butler’s injuries continue to bother him and if the Miami Heat wins this series, you’ll probably see Bam Adebayo as the Eastern Conference Finals MVP then if that’s the case here also. He is also a force on the defensive end of the basketball floor and is a solid rim protector for this basketball team. 


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