Precious Achiuwa’s Impressive Season Opener Speaks Volume

The major takeaway from Miami’s season opening loss to the Orlando Magic was Precious Achiuwa. I don’t think many expected him to get decent minutes this season due to the absence of Summer League and not playing since February, but well, that changed last night.

Not only did Precious get minutes, but he made a huge impact. One thing that was expected for rookies this season is that it will take time for them to get comfortable at the NBA level. And Precious got thrown right into the fire and thrived.

The one part of his game that I’ve mentioned frequently is his quick learning. Every single time he steps onto the floor, he improves on his issues from the game prior. And that is very impressive.

He also has been known to be a major problem on the boards, especially on the offensive side, and he proved that once again. Effort has continually been the word tied to him, and his will on both sides forced major frustration on Orlando’s bigs.

8 points and 3 rebounds does not explain what he did last night in his first regular season game. The Miami Heat were struggling on both ends of the floor, and Precious was the only player that seemed comfortable enough to make an impact, other than veteran Goran Dragic.

A lot of guys were out of control which caused a turnover issue, but that wasn’t the case for Achiuwa. He truly knows how to play the role that he is given without straying off, and that’s another great attribute to have.

Heading into the draft, I continually mentioned Miami would be looking for a guy to make immediate impact on this team. And well, they found their guy.

It seems as if he will continue to increase his floor time if he plays the way he did last night, since it’s essential to have somebody that can reiterate the things Bam Adebayo does on the floor.

Spo found another young gem that he can put his trust in, which makes this roster more and more intriguing.

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