Skyforce Report: The Call-Ups during a successful season

The Skyforce season is over after losing to the Oklahoma City Blue in the Western Conference Semifinals of the G League playoffs. This concludes a fabulous campaign from the Skyforce overall. They started the G League regular season 9-0 and used that to power them to the number two seed in the Western Conference. Most notably, there were five players on the team to get NBA deals. This was a stacked roster to start the year and like any good G League team, they had a lot of change. The change was mostly due to players getting deals. Let’s take a look at some of the players and their accomplishments this year.


Alondes Williams

Alondes Williams started the year with a great Heat camp and many were hoping he would get the last Heat roster spot. Unfortunately, Williams did not get the last spot and started the year with a standard G League contract. He quickly let everyone know that his NBA deal was coming soon though.  


When a two-way spot opened up with the Miami Heat, Williams was among the favorites to receive the deal. Quickly the Heat signed Williams, and this was because of his fast improvement and his polish on the offensive end. He is a flat-out bucket-getter and can score points in a hurry, but that is not all he can do. Williams can also dish out assists, making him an all-around offensive player who has the potential to be a long-time NBA player. Williams finished the year winning the Most Improved Player for the G League, which is quite an award to win in a league focused on development.  Alondes Williams has put his name on the map for Miami Heat fans, now he is trying to make sure no one forgets his name.


Jamaree Bouyea, Drew Peterson, and Justin Champagnie. 


Bouyea, Peterson, and Champagnie all received two-way contracts with other NBA teams this year and they all did it in different ways. 


Peterson got his first with the Boston Celtics after being a do-it-all guy for the Skyforce. Anyone who has followed my content knows how much I love Peterson. He just plays basketball the right way. Even though he’s in the Celtics organization, I still love him just as much. He is the ultimate plug-and-play player. There is not a more versatile player in the G League than Peterson


Justin Champagnie signed a 10-day deal with the Washington Wizards and then parlayed that into a two-way contract. Champagnie is a guard/forward that can get points in a hurry. Once he is hot there is no stopping him, especially from three. He invites contact and excels at driving, and maybe the best thing he did with the Skyforce was his rebounding from the guard/forward position. He was an offensive catalyst that could win any game by himself on any given night. 


Jamaree Bouyea signed a two-way contract with the San Antonio Spurs, and he earned this contract by being an excellent point guard in all facets of the game. In my opinion, Bouyea was the most important player on the Skyforce this season. Bouyea stuffed the stat sheet on the offensive and defensive end. He also was making sure guys were lined up correctly, and that the offense was running smoothly. Bouyea also knew when the team needed him to score or when they needed him to facilitate and set up other scores. He was a perfect fit for the Skyforce. 


Malik Williams 


Malik Williams signed a 10-day contract with the Toronto Raptors right before the G League playoffs, which was a huge blow to the Skyforce. Williams was a dominant rebounder and was always reliable down low. He was also willing to space out and shoot the three. Williams has a smooth shooting motion that made him trustworthy. Outside of Orlando Robinson, Malik Williams was by far the best center the Skyforce had this year. Another cool note was that Williams played against the Miami Heat in the final two games of the regular season. We will continue to keep our fingers crossed that Williams gets a longer NBA deal soon. 

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