Next up from the Skyforce: who could be in NBA soon?

As I’ve stated numerous times, this Skyforce team had a ton of talent. The Skyforce had 5 players get NBA call-ups, but that is not all the talent they had. There are 2 players that I believe are next in line for the NBA. For today’s installment of the Skyforce season review, we will look at those players and see why they deserve the promotion.


Caleb Daniels

Caleb Daniels has quickly become one of my favorite Skyforce players, and no it’s not because he joined the podcast. Daniels is a player that always makes the right play. These players are valuable because you always know what you will get from them. Too many players try to force things and that gets them into trouble, but Daniels consistently takes what the defense gives him. He never tries to do too much. If a play is not there, he won’t try to force it. Daniels is also capable of hitting open threes at a high clip. Daniels is a good defender and is willing to do the dirty work on the defensive end. Maybe my favorite thing about Caleb Daniels is his physicality and his willingness to rebound. He is never shy of contact. One of the most underrated aspects of basketball is guard rebounding and Daniels excels at it, simply because he prioritizes it. 

Daniels has the mindset of an NBA player already as well. He loves to work hard, and he understands that to earn minutes you have to put in the work with no one watching. This was evident as he was able to expand his role throughout the season and by the end of the year, Daniels was one of the most important players on the team. Another thing I love about Daniels is that he’s willing to do whatever the team needs. If the team needs a spot-up shooter, He’s willing to do that. If the team needs a guy to play physical defense in the next game, he’s willing to do that. If the team needs someone to facilitate, once again he is willing to do that. He is willing to sacrifice any part of his game for the betterment of the team. If I’m scouting for an NBA team and I see a guy willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team, even for the detriment of his stats, that is the guy I want. 

There’s a large misconception out there that all you have to do is score and that’s how you’re going to become an NBA player and that is just not true. Teams are looking for players to perform a specific role and supplement their roster. When Daniels joined my podcast, The Force with Matt and Major, he discussed how Villanova prepared him for the NBA. He started his NCAA career at Tulane and was the go-to guy that could do whatever he wanted. Then he went to Villanova, and it was a wake-up call. He learned that you’ll have to sacrifice if you want to win and if you want to even play. Daniels said he learned over time how to sacrifice, and I would argue that this has been one of the biggest benefits to his pro career so far. This is because everyone who is a professional basketball player is incredible at the game. They’re all used to being the go-to guy at some point in their basketball lives, but not everyone understands how to play team basketball and understands that sometimes it is better to sacrifice a part of your game for the betterment of the team.

Daniels has proven quickly that he not only has the skills required to be an NBA player, but that he also has the mindset. I believe any team would be thrilled to have a guy like Caleb Daniels on the roster. He is a perfect plug-and-play type player, and you never will have any doubts about his work ethic. 


Check out the podcast with Caleb Daniels right HERE….



Josh Christopher

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I love Josh Christopher. He’s a flat-out bucket-getter, and when he has it going, he’s unstoppable. Christopher is a former first-round draft pick by the Houston Rockets, so we know the talent is there. He has plenty of NBA experience, so adjustment to the NBA should not be a problem. Christopher also was on a two-way contract this year with the Salt Lake City Stars and the Utah Jazz. NBA teams recognize the talent Christopher has; we just need a little bit more consistency from him. Once he gets that consistency then he is in the NBA for good.

 When I watch Josh Christopher play, I see a smooth player. His movements are fluid on the offensive end and plays like a player in control of his body. There are not many times you feel like Christopher is out of control and put himself in a bad spot. He plays at his pace and dictates the speed at which the play will go. He does not allow the defense to rush him, he understands the defense has to react to him. This was displayed even more towards the end of the year when Christopher became more of the go-to scorer. 

When Alondes Williams was up with the Miami Heat, Christopher was relied on to fill that role. This is the role he is most comfortable with, though on the Stars he did play more of a point guard role and was playing rather well. So, it is not unreasonable to think that he could develop into an all-around playmaker. I could very much see Josh Christopher developing into a microwave scorer off the bench for an NBA team. Think of a guy that you put in when you just need points. Christopher can make tough shots which allows him to combat the defense no matter what they throw at him.

 As I mentioned earlier, I would like to see some more consistency out of Josh Christopher. There are a few too many games where he has stretches when he struggles from the field. To get an NBA contract you have to be consistent. Another thing that would help Christopher land a contract would be to improve on the defensive end. He has all the tools to become a solid defender, so there is potential to do so, we just have not seen that part of his game blossom yet. 

Josh Christopher is an NBA player in my eyes. I predict a big leap coming from Christopher in the next year. I would not be surprised if he is on the Alondes Williams trajectory and by this time next year, we are talking about how his explosive scoring performances landed him an NBA contract.

Caleb Daniels and Josh Christopher are both players that deserve a chance at the next level. Though it is easy to overlook their contributions, they were both vital to the Skyforce’s success. On a team that had an enormous amount of talent, they were able to carve out their place and make a name for themselves. This time next year, I believe they both will have earned their chance in the NBA. 

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