So what’s with Reshad Jones?

The Dolphins don’t have that many proven players left on the roster.

And those who are?

Well, they are hardly guarantees going forward.

Xavien Howard and Laremy Tunsil are due extensions, and it’s not clear if the Dolphins are committed to them. Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant are coming back from major surgery.

Reshad Jones?

Well, it’s not clear if he’s in or not.

Jones, one of the Dolphins’ few players with Pro Bowl pedigree, had a frustrating season, seeming to clash with now-ousted defensive coordinator Matt Burke about his role and even asking out of a game.

Tuesday, with a new coach (Brian Flores) on board, Jones was the most notable no-show for a “voluntary” veteran minicamp.

Then the explanations came, sort of.

And here was one of our affiliate podcast’s interpretation….

Whatever the reason, it’s becoming clearer that this will be close to a complete housecleaning.

Might want to try to get something for your old jerseys soon.

New episode of Three Yards Per Carry will be up overnight.


Photo by Tony Capobianco…..

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