Tankathon has Dolphins drafting twice in top-10

WTF, Tankathon?

After the worst loss at home in franchise history, the Dolphins would certainly be the worst team in football, right?


Despite having no answer for Lamar Jackson and getting routed at home 59-10, the Dolphins currently hold the 5th-pick in the 2020 draft.

That is all according to Tankathon –who will be tracking this development as the season progresses. (As will I)

Now, it’s obviously foolish to think this draft order holds any merit on September 11th. #NeverForget

But let’s look at the list.

Jacksonville is starting Gardner Minshew. The Giants are in love with Jared Leto and Indianapolis is very good at sucking for Luck.  Not to mention Winston did not look good and if Carolina is in the top-5, it’s because Cam Newton’s arm fell off.  Miami is far and away the worst team in the NFL.  Which is a great success when you think about how hard they have tried to get here.  But like we expect with our favorite football team, disappoint and letdown is sure to follow.

If this is the same top-5 draft order in January, I may be more upset than missing out on the playoffs.

Personally, I love the A.J Epenesa pick.

The verdict is still out on Herbert.  However, he does fit the three Houtz QB commandments.

  • Big arm
  • Moves well
  • Wears visor

It is Tua or bust, or so we think.

What we do know is that the Dolphins are going to be scouting all of these top QBs, as are we.

Because after all of the heartache, they have a chance to get a guy that could turn this franchise around, much like Marino did back in 1983 draft.

Or you can be like me, and hold out hope that Josh Rosen is the guy.  Either way, this story ends in heartbreak.

Would you be happy if the Dolphins drafted Oregon QB Justin Herbert @ 5 and Iowa EDGE A.J Epenesa @ 7?

Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins. 

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  1. Daniel meehan
    Daniel meehan says:

    Herbert isn’t second best QB. Folks start looking at Jordon Love. Texans pick also won’t be that high. I still say We will be drafting Tua.


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