Deshaun Watson

The Deshaun Watson Fiasco

There’s been more talk about a potential Deshaun Watson trade from the Houston Texans to the Miami Dolphins over the past several days.

Or rather, the last couple of months.

Rumor Mill

Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer recently reported that the Texans are starting to lower their asking price for the franchise quarterback.

CBS Sports HQ reporter and USA Today NFL Insider Josina Anderson updates us on the current trade rumors

What We Know

There is a growing sense that star QB Deshaun Watson will soon be traded to Miami. To repeat, here’s what we know up to this point:

  • Watson and his camp want Miami, ever since this initially began.
  • There are members of the Dolphins “brass” who are interested in pulling the trigger.
  • The current asking price for is around three 1st round picks and three additional assets.
  • Watson is not suspended or on the commissioner’s exemption list. In the event of a trade, he could play immediately.

Miami’s interest in Watson is not new.

What is known is that rumors will continue to pick up on this front despite Watson’s league situation which includes:

What’s New

In finance, this is what you would call a high risk, high reward scenario. His legal situation remains unsettled. Stephen Ross, a successful businessman, understand this very well.

Per source, Chris Grier does not want to bring in Deshaun Watson. Instead, it’s all about owner Stephen Ross wanting to bring him to Miami Gardens.

However, the Dolphins are trying to get more info on a possible suspension before any trigger is pulled. Whether something gets done on this front remains to be seen.

From Donno Daily on our YouTube network:

  • Texans and Dolphins discussing three 1st’s, one 2nd, and two 3rd round picks.
  • Possibility of Tua Tagovailoa on the move to Washington for a 2nd round pick.
  • Murmurs of Monday being the day of the trade(s)

Ross could direct general manager Chris Grier to make it happen ahead of the trade deadline. Ross is the power player in Miami. If he wants this to get done, there’s a good chance that it will happen.

The Dilemma

In this scenario, Tua would be traded to the Washington Football Team. The New NFL IR rules allow it to happen.

“Players on injured reserve can be traded if they were sent there after the aforementioned September 1 deadline. The acquiring team can then designate the player to return, or immediately activate the player if his previous team has already done so.”

Amidst the injury to Tua Tagovailoa and the losses to Buffalo and Las Vegas, Miami has fallen into a rut. Unquestionably, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding Watson, the health of Tua, Brissett’s production and the offensive line play.

The Miami Dolphins have everything needed to make a playoff push which includes a talented defense. However, it has not been up to standards. The current offense does not pull its weight.

The thought is that Deshaun Watson, arguably a top 3 QB in the league could mask deficiencies and would help, but comes with massive risk.

In year two of an already ahead of schedule rebuild, there is a risk for Tua’s development as a QB. Of course, shipping him off to a new team and giving away assets to secure Watson (with protections) will be questioned if Tua succeeds somewhere else.

“It could take up to 1 year or 2 for full adjudication in the Watson case. Though anything can always happen at any time with potential settlements talks, at this point an NFL owner has to decide to approve a trade w/o full clarity with action, not words.” 

The trade deadline is November 2nd.

Ross wanting Watson and with Chris Grier hesitant, things will be interesting in the upcoming days. After all, these are the Miami Dolphins.

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