The Glorious Birth of a Ryan Fitzpatrick Meme

Nowadays, the internet will take a picture of anything and turn it into the next great “meme”.

So when the Dolphins released a video of their off-season workouts–which looked very similar to my high school gym class–I had to watch.  After all, this is year one of the Brian Flores Era and I’m anxious to see what the next regime has to offer.  And so you watch intently, as the players run from one end of the indoor practice facility to the other.  The montage is giving me goosebumps. And then I see the man, the myth, and the legend.  The Dolphins 2019 starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

See, I like Ryan Fitzpatrick.  In fact, I spent way too much of my life writing an article about it last week.   He’s going to bring the good and definitely the bad.  There will be some 400-yard games and then some stinkers. That is who he is.  But today, I saw a guy that like me, has enjoyed one too many IPAs in his lifetime. No one expects these guys to look as chiseled as Cameron Wake, but have a little respect for yourself. *As I stare blankly into the mirror*

And so I snapped a picture with my phone, of the Dolphins’ 36-year old quarterback along with the clever words.

Twitter did exactly what you would expect and responded perfectly.  Here are some of the best tweets and memes from today’s events.











Josh Houtz (@Houtz) cooks in his spare time, when he’s not working on 65 things for Five Reasons Sports Network and Dolphin Maven.

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