The Marlins offense is worse than we thought

No one expected the Miami Marlins to be an offensive juggernaut.

Not after dealing their five best offensive players in the past 18 months. Not with only a trio of major league qualified hitters in the lineup. Not when Starlin Castro is probably the best of them.

But this?

This is ridiculous.

Miami was shut out 5-0 by the Reds on Thursday, so at least it was early enough in the day for no one to pay attention. That dropped the Marlins to a 3-10 record on the season which, again, was expected.

But 34 total runs?

Just 2.6 per game?

Outscored 21-1 in three games by Cincy?

Jorge Alfaro leading with just six RBI?

Lewis Brinson is hitting .234, which is actually an improvement. But Brian Anderson, Curtis Granderson, Neil Walker and JT Riddle are under .200. And while Martin Prado is performing well, he’s likely gone by midseason. So this will get worse.

This would be a good time for the guy in the photo above, spreading his arms at a distance greater than any of his players can hit a baseball, to lace them up again.

You can’t tell me that Jeets, even at his age, wouldn’t hit third on this team.

With the manager, Don Mattingly, hitting fourth.

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