The Good, The Bad & The Correctable


If you did not watch the game and looked at your ESPN app at 5pm you would be shocked to see that Tua only was able to throw for 93 yards on 22 attempts and yet we were still able to win. Then I imagine you would tune into your normal channel of choice to see the highlights, and see Tua’s first pass being a strip sack fumble where he got taken off his feet and drilled into the ground and think uh oh was the talk of Tua not being ready correct? Here I come to show you the bad, the correctable and the positives of Tua first game.




The Bad:



On the sack fumble I have to believe that jitters and overall nervousness for being back on an field after such a tough injury led to this. You would normally see Tua with anticipation throw it to Ford who wasn’t even looking yet or even to Devante after he didn’t throw it Ford.



I hope I never see another play like this because these are the type to lead to injuries such as the hip injury we saw at Alabama. He had 3 different chances to throw it away, chose not to and could have slid at the end to not avoid the hit.




This last one was one a 3rd down where Tua felt Donald coming and rushed the pass to Jakeem for what would have been a first down and maybe a longer gain.




The Correctable:


This was early on in the game where he still may have had some jitters but he needs to trust what he saw and rip it in there to Gesicki. That is open in the NFL and he will have to adjust to tighter NFL windows.



Here we see a clear lack of practice time between Tua and Devante. Can’t say whos to blame as we have seen Tua in Alabama throw the ball into the open space for the wide receiver to make a play, here we see DVP coming into traffic instead of the open area. More practice time and understanding of each other likes will lead to success.



These next 2 are drops by Preston where it was a first down play and then also the following 3rd down play. Hard to get rhythm for any QB let alone one making his first start. DVP played only 59% of the snaps so I am curious to see if Devante misses time again if we will give these chances again to Preston.






The Good:


This was the pass to Gesicki where 31 for the Rams made an unbelievable play. One thing that will be prevalent throughout this analysis is Tua’s use of his eye to manipulate the defense. He saw Mike 1 on 1 and kept it like that by not looking that way to start.




Here he shows the ability to scan the entire field and hit what looks to be his 3rd read in the progression. Have not seen many QBs here that can make that throw to the far side of the field so effortlessly.




On the Tua’s first TD you see that he motioned DVP over closer to the formation and threw a bullet to him. Great job trusting his eyes and ripping it in there.





The play that showed the most was this 2nd and 10 to Gesicki. He starts with a motion to identify man coverage and again manipulates the safety here in 24 and forces him to opposite side of the field of Mike.




Overall I hope this shows you guys that while the numbers and analysts will paint you a story, if you put in the time do your research you’ll see the Dolphins have a lot to correct yes, but also a lot to build on where once the game starts to slow down for Tua and the playbook can be opened up more (I’d estimate he only had 40% of it available to him) we will see a complete QB the likes of which we have not seen in quiet some time. Thanks for time guys.


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