Could There Be Another Wizard On Miami’s Radar?

Bradley Beal is a name that continues to come up when discussing possible trade targets to improve this Heat team. But could John Wall be on their radar as well?

The reason Miami is slower to act upon a deal for John Wall is because of his injury past. There’s also uncertainty how he would return from the ruptured Achilles tendon that occurred last season.

But after seeing all of his five-on-five runs in Miami this off-season with Remy workouts, I can assure you the injury doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. He even told CBS Sports back in May, “I’m gonna be better than I was before.”

Obviously he fits the mold of exactly what Miami has been looking for, since he’s a defensive point guard who can be well trusted with running the offense.

The 2018-2019 season, before he got injured, he averaged 21 points and 9 assists a game, but it was in only 32 games.

The issue with trading for him is that there’s still so much uncertainty. I do believe he’d have a lower asking price than Bradley Beal, but is it even worth taking the risk?

When healthy, John Wall is a top three point guard in the NBA, which makes me think there’s a better chance of them taking a chance on him over some other guys.

Washington would not be giving up John Wall for nothing though, which means they’d probably be asking for something along the lines of Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, and maybe the 20th pick. If that’s the case, there’s no chance Miami makes this deal.

But as discussed with every trade target, there’s always that possibility of him forcing himself out of Washington. And if he was to do that, Miami would be the number one option on his list, since he seems to be in Miami more than he’s in Washington.

I do believe though that Miami has so many options in both free agency and via trade that there’s no reason to risk going after John Wall. But due to the craftiness of the Heat’s front office, I wouldn’t put it past them that they could pull something off.


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