Voting on the Miami Heat’s Off-Season Possibilities

In honor of Election Day today, I thought I’d vote on some free agent and draft options for the Miami Heat. Here are the most ideal and realistic pick ups for Miami.

Oh and by the way, make sure to go out and vote….

Most Ideal Free Agent Option:

Serge Ibaka

This one seems fairly obvious in my opinion. For starters, I believe if we are talking about the most ideal guy for Miami to grab, it would be a guy that can play next to Bam, while protecting the rim and grabbing boards.

And well, that’s exactly what Ibaka does. Something I mentioned in my piece a few weeks ago on Ibaka is that he has great offensive awareness through his spacing. He usually finds himself on the baseline right outside the paint, waiting for that dump-off pass or an offensive rebound.

He also always finds himself in the post, since that’s where he does most of his damage. And as I’ve mentioned before, a guy that thrives with his back to the basket is very important since that is not Bam’s game.

This signing may be a long shot for Miami, especially since there’s a good shot Marc Gasol will be out of Toronto. But with Miami, there’s always a possibility.

Most Realistic Free Agent Option:

Wesley Matthews

Wesley Matthews not only is the most realistic free agent for this Heat team, but it also makes a lot of sense.

For one, it’s a very cheap option since Miami would be giving him the mid-level exception. But for the basketball side of things, he gives Miami exactly what they’re missing at the guard position.

It has been fairly obvious that Miami needs a guard defender on this team, but with Matthews you’d be getting much more than that. He’s also a guy that is very capable of getting hot from deep. Some of the defensive guards that have been discussed in the past for Miami have offensive limitations, which means Wes has a decent advantage over those guys.

The fit is clearly there, but more importantly it’s a very possible option. They even have an opportunity to split the mid-level exception between Wes Matthews and another veteran like Paul Millsap.

We’ll see how it plays out, but keep your eyes open for this pick-up.

Most Ideal Draft Option:

Tyrese Maxey

The NBA draft this season will definitely be like no other. For starters, there is absolutely no consensus on who will be getting picked where, since mock drafts seem to be all over the place.

Tyrese Maxey has bounced around between late lottery and early twenties, which means Miami at least has a shot. And well, he’s a Kentucky Wildcat.

If Miami was to draft a guard, it would have to be one who is capable of holding their own on the defensive end. Tyrese Maxey gives them exactly that, and a ton of upside on offense. He’s showed that he can clearly score the ball from just about anywhere, which Miami could definitely try and tweak some efficiency things.

It also seems a little similar to Miami’s draft pick last year…

These two guys had the exact same stats for the same college at the same position. And after the last pick worked out so well, why not try it again?

Most Realistic Draft Option:

Daniel Oturu

Although I believe Miami would definitely pick Maxey if he fell to them, a big man may be the better option.

A bunch of bigs have been discussed, since most all seem to be falling in that early 20 range, but Daniel Oturu seems to stand out the most in my opinion.

I believe he has a mixture of all the other bigs that will be considered, including Jalen Smith’s shooting, Zeke Nnaji’s motor, and Vernon Carey’s feel around the rim.

He gives Miami the shot-blocking rebounder that they’re looking for, who also has the ability to stretch the floor next to Bam Adebayo. Although it’s clear a bunch of big guys will get consideration, Daniel Oturu seems to fit this Heat team the best.


(And once again, make sure to go out and vote.)

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