Miami Heat

The “Vice Wave” Jerseys are Here!

Play well, look better.

Once again the Miami Heat owns the rest of the NBA when it comes to the City Edition jerseys. The Heat dropped their newest edition of the Vice collection this morning and they did not disappoint. The Vice wave baby blue jerseys are absolutely jaw-dropping and took over NBA Twitter this morning.

I’d say the Heat a perfect 4 of 4 when it comes to the city edition jerseys. It’s the perfect way to represent Miami using the Vice theme that South Florida was known for since the Mid ’80s. Some fans have even asked to make the Vice collection Miami’s permanent look over the traditional Red, Black, and White. The jerseys are a fan favorite around the entire league and the color schemes continue to be undefeated.

These jerseys will lead the league in sales once again and will be available starting Tuesday night at Midnight. The Heat will debut the Vice wave jerseys Friday when they host the Golden State Warriors. In total, they will wear the new ViceWave jerseys 22 times throughout the season.

Hopefully, the Heat’s record in the Vice jerseys improves — the team had an absolutely horrible record when wearing the Black and Pink editions last year.

Of course, Jimmy Butler wasn’t playing in them. And Hassan Whiteside was.

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