This NBA Season Will Revolve Solely Around Depth

One of the main reasons the Miami Heat thrived in the bubble this past season is because they had major depth advantages. That was important for many reasons, but the most notable was the fact that teams must be ready for a possible Covid test to come back positive.

Obviously that is something we expect the NBA to avoid, just like they did with the bubble, but ultimately it’ll be much harder since there will be a lot of traveling and a bit more contact.

This will have to be something that the league decides to live with and continue to proceed. If that is the case, team’s depth may be one of the most essential attributes for this upcoming season, and I believe that can work in Miami’s favor.

They may not have the same depth that they had last year, since guys like Derrick Jones Jr and Meyers Leonard could possibly walk, but replacements will have to be made.

That doesn’t only refer to free agency, but also within the organization. Guys like KZ Okpala, Kyle Alexander, and Gabe Vincent will be ready for an opportunity if need be.

And it seems to be even more important to retain a guy like Soloman Hill, since he should be cheap and fits that role off the bench that Miami likes.

There have been discussions about Kelly Olynyk and Andre Iguodala possibly getting put in a deal to make the team better and save some money, but maybe they think twice about it. Andre and Kelly are two quality bench guys, that are more than capable of stepping up into the starting lineup if some unfortunate situations were to occur.

This is another reason the 20th pick in the NBA draft could give them some value. I believe they will draft a guy that is more polished, so he can possibly be utilized immediately.

Another thing that may not want to get talked about, since Miami did not have a true off-season like other teams, are possible injuries. Certain guys may get rushed and it could lead to something unfortunate, which is why Miami will take their time with Goran Dragic if he’s resigned.

Obviously one thing you don’t question with Miami is their structure, coaching, and organization, which is why I believe they will be ready to adjust no matter what happens.

But it is clear that depth could play a huge role this season, and Miami will definitely be prepared.

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