Tristan Thompson Could Get A Look From Miami, As a Last Resort

There are so many intriguing power forwards and centers in this current free agency, that a guy like Tristan Thompson may not get discussed. But it’s definitely a possibility.

If Miami can’t find that starting stretch four to put next to Bam, such as a Danilo Gallinari, they may go the route of searching for a back-up big.

Tristan Thompson would be the type of back-up big you’d look for, since he’s such a great rebounder, which was what Miami’s issues were this season.

He’s also a guy that knows how to play his own role, which is what the Heat did so well this season since everybody on the roster bought in. His consistency is also one of his best attributes, since you know what you will get from him every single night.

Obviously he won’t do close to the amount of things that these other free agents would bring. He has offensive limitations and he’s not the best defensive big, but he can grab you some offensive rebounds and protect the rim a bit.

This definitely would only happen in a situation where Miami has no other option, but it’s still very possible.

Tristan could still possibly return to the Cleveland Cavaliers next season, but it would be surprising since they brought in Andre Drummond this past season.

Many people believe he will be looking to jump onto a contending roster, which is exactly what Miami is right now.

He also would bring a bit of toughness and grit that Miami likes, but once again this would likely be a last resort pick-up.

Miami was interested in Tristan Thompson back in February when there were talks of him being bought out, so we will see if that interest still stands.

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