Can DeMarcus Cousins Have His Comeback Season in Miami?

DeMarcus Cousins to Miami. That’s interesting on many levels.

Obviously Cousins didn’t get to play all of last season after he tore his ACL back in August. And before that, he had torn his Achilles in 2018 and suffered a torn quadricep in the playoffs. It’s pretty clear, he’s had a rough time over this long stretch.

When he returned from the Achilles injury, he shot 27% from three through 30 games to finish off the season.

It’s clear that people can sit here and guess what his injuries could limit him to, but ultimately he is still DeMarcus Cousins.

He’s a tough player who has an incredible offensive package for his size. He can hurt you from beyond the arc, but also has the ability to put the ball on the deck and take it up strong. With these offensive attributes, it seems as if he’d be the perfect Bam Adebayo complement, if healthy.

DeMarcus also isn’t afraid to get on the block and back opposing bigs down, which will give Bam plenty of space to continue to run the offense. And with Cousins’ passing skills out of the post, it’d make an intriguing big man duo.

He definitely isn’t the defensive big they may hope for, but that may not be a worry in the Heat’s eyes if they’re getting a healthy DeMarcus Cousins.

If Miami was to acquire him, I believe they would work him in off of the bench, unless he begins to show some flashbacks.

And by the way, there’s not many teams that DeMarcus would totally buy into a bench role, but I can tell you Miami is one of them.

Obviously it’s clear about the organizational structure, but what stands out more is his friendship and respect for Jimmy Butler. First of all, Miami has a selling point with Jimmy alone, but since Jimmy always seems to speak so highly of Cousins, I believe he could fit the Heat culture well.

And many always talk about DeMarcus Cousins being a locker room issue, but that’s what Jimmy Butler was considered upon arrival. If Miami was to make this move, you must trust that they know this guy’s character.

Once again though, this all falls on his health. He’s had two major injuries in the past two years, which ultimately can hurt a guy’s mobility at that size.

If Miami does believe that he can be impactful on this current Heat team, it’ll make for an interesting 2021 season.

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